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Unknown ankle injury

Guest twinklehooves

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Guest twinklehooves

Ok, this happened about a week ago....yeah. A week, starting tomorrow.


Ok, I live on a farm. We have horses. We also have dogs, cats, cows, and goats. Well, our goats are in a pen. And the panels are metal rods, formed so they are about 4 sq. in. squares. So the whole panel is just squares.


Well, I was climbing in there, and the wind was blowing really hard. So, I decided to jump in there w/o climbing all the way down- just in case the pen like, toppled over. (The wind blows REALLY hard here.)


I really don't know how it happened- but I think I got my ankle caught in one of the squares and twisted it. All I know is that it hurt. So I fed the goats and iced my ankle @ nite. I also told my ballet teacher too. I told her I would dance.


I performed two nights on it- for a ballet recital....icing it @ nite, and heating it right before I danced to get it a littler warmer.


I've managed to locate the pain. It's right around my ankle bone- the one on the outside- that sticks out. It seems to the the tendons all around it.


I'm trying to get my mom to take me to the doctor. As usual- they think I'm fine and that the doctor probably can't do anything that they can't. I'm almost afraid to go to the doctor- then he'll tell me to stay off my ankle- but I have to ride 2 horses and practice goat tying- which includes running.


Does anyone know what's wrong w/ my ankle?? What should I do?? :confused:

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Well, it does sound like a sprained ankle, Jocelyn, however there is really no way to know without a doctor seeing it. Has the swelling gone down? Are you able to walk, run and dance? If so, I would not worry about it, but just keep icing it after the activity. If not, then get to a doctor!

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Guest twinklehooves

Thank you.


Well, the thing is- it didn't swell. Well, just a tiny bit- not that noticable. I can still walk, run and dance.


On Saturday we had our final recital for the year. I'm not going to a summer camp for the summer this year. When I did dance- it didn't hurt that much. Only if we did alot of grande allegro. But, our teacher lets us do whatever we want for grande allegro for performances. She lets us do what we need. So, I didn't do that much.


Yesterday- my ankle flared up- that's why I posted this message. I relaxed it- but I didn't have time to ice b/c my cousins were over.


My ankle doesn't hurt if it's warm and when I've been working it alot. The day after I did something to it- after I got out of bed- it hurt bad. But, when I started walking on it and got it warmer- it didn't hurt as much.

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