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Summer Men's/Pas de Deux Classes


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Men's classes and pas de deux classes are rare for those outside the professional academy. Most men who start as adults never get an opportunity to take such classes. In the past, men on BalletAlert have expressed a desire to take these classes but have been unable to find even one.


I'm hoping this thread can be used to publicize men's classes and pas de deux classes this summer that are open to the male public.

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Jose Mateo's Ballet Theatre (http://www.ballettheatre.org) will be holding a men's class in Cambridge this month at its studios. The class runs June 23 -- July 25 and will be held MWF 12-1pm. Then pas de deux class will be 1-2:15.


The classes are running in conjunction with the Summer Program but are also open to the public. Men can take either or both classes. Please contact the school for further details --- 617-354-7467


Both classes will be taught by Cosmin Marculetiu. He's European, and I expect the class to be much more "manly" than the men's class last summer --- probably a focus on all the big jumps and stuff. I've also heard he wants to teach classical repertory in the pas de deux class; maybe the men's class as well.


COSMIN MARCULETIU is a native of Romania where he began his dance training at the Romania Academy of Arts at the age of nine. Mr. Marculetiu has danced with several dance companies throughout Eastern Europe including the Romanian Opera and the Croatian National Ballet. Nutcracker 2002 his first appearance with Jose Mateo's Ballet Theatre.

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Dedicated Men's Classes are part of the Adult Dance Camp given by the Richmond (VA)Ballet, and have always been a part of the permanent program of the Joffrey NYC School. Recent participants of either are welcome to post regarding content of these classes, or any others they've found.:)

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