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Hi I'm new! I'm saving up to go away to an SI next summer and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions. I already work 3 days a week and on the weekends at a cafe but I was wondering if you had any other suggestions. I need to make about $4,000 dollars. My job right now will probably bring me to $2,500.



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Hello TrustyDancer7, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum on Ballet Alert! Online :)


I think it's great that you are working and saving your own money. Not sure how you will have much time to do more, but there is always babysitting! Good luck with raising the amount you need!

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I babysat from January to June every Friday and I made 210$. If you had more time you could make more money.

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More kids make more money too. If you babysit for three kids at once (I mean siblings) the parents are bound to pay you more. ;)

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Guest ballet princess

Find a container just laying around the house. Everyday, put in any money you havent used for the day, it could be anywhere from 10 cents to 20 dollars or maybe even more!. Ask relatives and friends to put in spare money too. If you think about it, everyday you have at least a little spare change, so this lets you put it to use! I know this wont let you gather all the money you need, but it will help out at least a little when it all adds up.


I hope I helped! :)

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I would go along with the babysitting- I really enjoy being around younger kids, and so I jump on all the opportunities I can get (I just got back from being with two kids at 5:00 this morning!). I don't know what the going rates are around your area, but at 15, I'm generally paid $7 an hour, approximately, for two kids. That can build up pretty fast! If there are other things that you are good at, think about how you can turn those into jobs. If you're also good at some form of art, you could make and sell those pieces. Or, since it's summer, think of things that you might be able to do with friends to raise money. Have a sleepover party, and then have a carwash. You could advertise that it's for going to a dance program, and hopefully that'll make people want to come. It'll go faster and be more fun if you have your friends, and the sleepover can be like their payment. And of course there's always pet-sitting, lawnmowing and garden watering. It's not always the most fun way of getting money, but it's a way.

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Actually babysitting is a *very* good way to make money. Currently, I don't have a "going price" -i.e. I take what the parents are willing to give me - and I make about $10 per hour looking after a single 2-4 year old. It's fun, and it's a good way to make money, but a lot of the time I think that I'm *seriously* overpaid.

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I am a mom, so please delete my post if not appropriate.


If you like children, and live in an area where there are lots of young children, organize a mini summer camp for young children. Make flyers and advertise mini camp for children ages 3 - 6 or whatever age you like. Plan a 3 hour morning with crafts, games, music, snack, (pre-ballet?), whatever. You could have a 3 day camp or 5 day, for one week, multiple weeks ... whatever you're up to. You'll probably need a friend to work with.


Two 11 year old girls in our neighborhood charged $30 a child for a 3 day camp. They had about $50 in expenses and each made about $100. Parents of young children would love a few mornings off to run errands in the summer, you could learn how to run a small business and make money for your SI.

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