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Classes in Florida?

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My Mum lives in Bonita Springs, FL during the winter to get away from the cold and damp of the UK. We're going over for Christmas this year, and although it's a bit far away yet, I was wondering if anyone knew of any classes I could take while I'm there in either Naples or Fort Myers (I doubt there'll be any in Bonita Springs).


We're hoping to do a stopover in NY on the way, but I don't know if I'll be allowed to take a class there - will have to do a lot of creeping round DB I think!


Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.



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Hi Tim, nice to 'meet' you! Where do you dance (if you do dance, which I'm assuming you do as you're on the Adult Dancers forum!!)?



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You should try it! There are 2 guys at the place I dance at the moment - 1 in the beginners class, and 1 in the intermediate class. The guy in the latter is frighteningly good - he pulls off quadruple pirouettes just for fun :eek: - I'm still trying to relearn clean singles in both directions :confused: ! The beginners class is a lot of fun - we laugh our way through it!


At least I know where to come if I get injured :) !




PS Anyone on the classes in Florida? Please?

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