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Dear Ms. Leigh or Mr. Johnson,


Do you know what criteria ABT summer intensive auditioners use when deciding to accept students to each one of the 5 summer programs? Are each of these programs of the same difficulty to get into? Do they look at anything else besides the student's first choice and age if they see talent? I know that you can not attend Austin unless you are 13 by the date of the intensive. Fortunately I was offered my first choice, Austin. Several of my friends were not offered their first choices even when several of them did not request NYC as a first choice. I would guess it would be more difficult to get accepted into New York. I was just wondering!

Thanks! Allegrodancer


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Any audition assumes that your first choice is THIS audition! wink.gif I don't know what criteria ABT specifically is looking for, but all auditioners attempt to see where the auditionees stand technically and strengthwise against all other dancers. The younger the dancer, the more latitude they have as far as who to accept and where. A thirteen-year-old may be admitted on the basis of potential; a seventeen-year-old has potential, too, but it had better be pretty fully realized in order to attract favorable notice. Younger dancers, especially ones with no SI experiences at all, might be more likely to get regional programs, and especially if you've expressed a preference for studying in, say, Austin. It's something like university - a lot depends on vacancies at the several campuses. What ABT is looking for is not known to me, as I cannot read minds, much as I would like to. (I got a lot of practice, though, from Mr. Joffrey, who expected you to be able to do just that!)


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Oh Malea, after the auditions held here recently, and the results for our students, it is more of a mystery than ever! All auditions are, of course, totally subjective, and depend on what one person sees in that room on that particular day. And with the number of students in the room at each audition, and the limited time given to the class, it is a total wonder they can see anything! eek.gif

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Dear Ms. Leigh and Mr Johnson,


Thank you for your quick response to my question. I am in the process of having to decide where to go this summer. I have been really fortunate. So Far I have been accepted to Joffrey NYC, Kirov, and ABT-Austin. I have yet to audition for SAB( Maybe), PNB, Boston, and San Francisco. In The past I have attended the Jillana Program Two years in a row, Joffrey Workshop San Antonio, Kirov, and Joffrey New York . I really enjoyed each of these programs in different ways. I know that I am lucky to have this opportunity particularly when I was able to go all of them before my 13th Birthday. I was trying to determine the advatages of attending the ABT program VS. my other options.


I was hoping you might shed some light in helping make this decision before the ABT deposit is due.

Have any of your students attended the Austin program? Once again thank you!

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One thing to think about would be the length of the program. Do you want a 3 or 4 week program, or a 5 or 6 week program? ABT Austin is only 4 weeks, right?

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Dear Ms. Leigh,


ABT Austin is 4 weeks. Kirov is 3 or 6 weeks. Joffrey NYC is any where from 1 month to 7 weeks. Jillana is 2 weeks to 4 weeks. I have been away at smmer intensives before for a total of 5 weeks. I am not sure about the length of programs that I have not yet auditioned for. I am very interested in PNB. I would like to attend a 4 or 5 week program if possible. I guess an advantage to the ABT Austin program would be that I was closer to home. I think my parents would like that. Is there a real advantage in attending a 4 week program over a 3 week program. or does it just depend on the program? Do many of your students attend ABT programs? What has been their opinion on ABT intensives. My ballet teacher would like me to return to Kirov because of the school's training. She was not as interested in my attending an ABT program this year? Sometimes I think it is more difficult when you have a choice.


Also at what level would a teacher normal recommend partnering classes? I know I may be too little young. At my home school I have done limited partnering. At the Joffrey intensives I was permitted to attend some partnering classes. I believe I may have this option with ABT Austin. Thank you again for your response. Any additional input would be greatly appreciated. I am sorry this message is so long.


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Malea, we have many students who have attended ABT programs, both in NY and in the other locations. They all seemed very happy with them.


As to partnering, I do not start that until the most advanced level, and our school only has partnering for the top level, both year round and in the summer. I do not feel strongly about this, and would probably start a bit earlier if there were enough male dancers available to do more than one pas de deux class.

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Dear Ms.Leigh,


Thank you for your reply.



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I went to ABT Austin last year, and I just wanted to mention that every level gets to have partering, it's not just limited to the highest levels. They were a lot of fun! :thumbsup: I was accepted into Austin again this year, so feel free to ask any questions.


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Guest ckdancegirl7

I have also been wondering how they determine which dancers go to which locations. But I guess everyone just about answered my questions! I got into ABT Alabama...and I sent in the deposit today!! I'm officially going and I can't wait!!!!!

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Hi...a question for allegro dancer. Why did you plan on doing so many auditions? I don't understand the reason for this. I am new to this world of SI's and this seems to be a very time-consuming and financially demanding plan of action. Is this the norm?

My daughter just went to her first audition and the experience was great, however, I cannot imagine that we could, or even should, do as many as your list indicates that you've planned to accomplish.


Just wondering if I'm still out in left field in these matters.....



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Welcome to Ballet Talk at Ballet Alert! Online, darlindancer.


Students want to have many choices available to them for their own selection when it comes to SIs. It's a little like college choice, only more expensive, if cost-accounted over hours.


One word of caution. This is the Young Dancers' Forum, and parents have their own forums to which they are encouraged to post. This forum is intended for students to ask technical questions about things that happen in class or performance. SIs are taking up a lot of space right now, but we should be back to normal business after the acceptance process ends.

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