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A little worried

Guest OCKristy06

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Guest OCKristy06

I am attending the Burkyln Ballet theatres summer intensive this year. I have been looking at the replies on this prgram and finding that people said it is targetted fro younger age groups I am 15 and this is NOT my first intensive I am going to The Edinburgh scottland performing group with the program which I think there is an age minimum of 14 to go to this Edinburgh part of the program so I dont see how it could be targeted for first timmers. Im still a little worried though....comments? :confused:

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Kristy, I'm sure it's a fine program for any age, and especially those who are getting to go to Scotland! The information about the younger age was mostly to reassure parents that this program is really a good one for the younger students as well. However, since it is not connected to a company, students at 16 and 17 generally want to look for a program that might lead them into a job at a later date, so that is why they think it is better for the younger students. Fifteen is just fine to go there. Have a wonderful summer!

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