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rolled-in feet

Guest e1coli

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Guest e1coli

my feet rolled in after i land from a jump especially after glissade ######èmble. how do i jump high without compromising my landing?


thanks for any advise!!

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It's a little hard to tell without seeing you, e, but it sounds like you aren't maintaining the rotation of the leg in the hip joint as you should be doing. I often see this in students who are relatively new to ballet. Is that you? Keeping the turnout controlled is not too bad for them as long as they are standing still on the ground, or moving slowly. But once a jump starts, the turnout goes away, in order to concentrate on getting off the ground. You need to keep working everything you have in ballet all the time, and not let parts fall off when you start moving more quickly. It's a difficult thing initially to learn, but coordination is basic to ballet.

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