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grand jeté help

Guest Dee

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I am having trouble with getting my grand jeta's or so-da-shas in a perfect split! I have had my split for a while, but its still not event close to a split, if anyone has any advice please help me! (I did not know how to spell so-da-shas so I apologies for that) thank you!

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Hello Dee, and welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Alert! Online :)


Actually, it's grand jeté and saut de chat :D I will fix the title of the thread for you!


Doing a split on the floor and making it happen in the air are two different things. It takes time and a lot of work to get the same effect with a jump. Be sure that you have your weight moving forward and that as soon as you battement or developpé the first leg, as you move through the air, you must lift the back leg HIGHER than the front! The jeté should continue to travel through the air, upward, forward, and over the hill!

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Check out the last picture on the following page to see what I'm talking about. The back leg is higher, (slightly bent, but still the split is there) and she is traveling forward even though her head is way back! :)


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