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toe strength


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Tendus, dégagés, frappés, pas de chevals, elevés and relevés. :(

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Guest Tia5678

The therabadn is a great way to strengthen your toes and feet, especially if your on pointe, or soon to be on pointe. Also work on regular barre excersies, especially releves.


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Guest Terin

Relevés in the center really help me strengthen my feet. I also find frappés on demi-pointe really help- that way you can strengthen your relevé while doing frappés.

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Guest Jaime

If you have a extra thereaband it also helps if you cut it into a smaller width and use it seperately for each toe. ( I wouldn't encourage cutting it though unless you have an extra one that you and still use for your whole fooT)

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Guest Firebird3000

There is also a set of foot excercies to do. I think its the Irene Dowd method.


To do these sit on the floor

1. lift each toe by itself. If you can't, hold the other toes down or lift it up yourself

2. Do piano keys with your toes, you know roll through your toes like your playing the piano

3.LIft up your big toe and mkae it move to the side and bring it back into the rest of the toes. Repeat with pinky toe. This is really good for bunions

4. Rise up onto demi-pointe sickling one foot and bringing it straight when at the top of your demi. I'm not sure about this one but my SI teacher taught us this so if you ever wobbly on pointe you have the strength to bring it straight


I know I'm not a moderator so please delete if this post is not appropriate

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Guest Terin

Maybe I should create a new topic for this, but I thought it connected... I was born with ankles that are very flexible and therefore also relatively weak. I practice relevés at home, especially in coupé, but it hasn't helped enough. Does anyone know any ankle strengthening exercicses besides plain relevés?

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Tendus, dégagés, frappés, pas de chevals, elevés and relevés. :)

And keep doing them.

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