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Guest Medora

Hi everyone. My teacher told us all to make a list of things to really concentrate on this summer that we need to improve so that we can really focus on our weaknesses. Well, I know what I want to improve, but it's sort of vague and I was wondering how to narrow the list down. I want to improve my port de bras, and shoulders because I told my tension there, and my spot. I also want to improve my feet, like concentrate on always going through them and really using them in all combinations. And I also want to concentrate on using my turn out more in faster combinations. The thing with this list is, isn't that about everything? I mean, these things apply to all combinations and encompass all of my body so I guess what I was wondering is, is there something wrong with this list, or does it need to be narrowed down more? At least I left 32 perfect fouettes off it! :(

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Medora, I don't think there is anything wrong with the list at all! It's an excellent list, and while it may seem that that is everything, the things you list are very specific and totally essential. Therefore, they are the important things to focus on in order to achieve the other things you want to do eventually :(

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Guest ballet_barbie72

Hey that's a great idea, I'm glad I read this post. After working really hard on those things have you imporved heaps? I hope so! Thanx

-Erin xoxo

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Haha Medora....my teacher made us do the same thing. Actually, she's a sort of guest teacher....her name is Elisabeth Carroll (former ABT soloist), and she's doing master classes this month. She asked us to write down what we wanted to improve. Here's what I said:

1. My arabesque

2. Use of breath to initate movements

3. Use of upper body

4. Flexibility of feet and ankles

5. Fluidity


There's more things I need to work on, or course :P but those are what I want to focus on in her classes. She's an awesome teacher!



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