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Improving feet with releves?


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Okay, I'm just curious here--I know and understand that tendus, degages, etc help improve your feet. However, on other message boards I frequently see the advice(from other young dancers--most boards don't have the luck to have *real* moderators/dance professionals) that releves and eleves will help develop more of an arch. What I don't understand is how they could help. It seems to me that all they would really do is strengthen your calves(or knot them up, if you don't stretch them properly afterwards!). Could Ms. Leigh or Major Mal please clear this up for me? Thanks!



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Remember, Carmen, the leg doesn't end at the ankle. It continues on into the foot and the structures there are worked in detail by tendus, degagés, etc. and there are small muscles and joints that have to be built and stretched just like in any other part that's worked by ballet. And we haven't even mentioned the tendons, bones and ligaments.

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