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Guest ilive2danz

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Guest ilive2danz

I have hyperextented arms and legs. I know how to control my legs so that you can't really tell. But would hyperextended arms be a problem for a dancer. And also, is there anyway hyperextended hips can be formed or are you born with them?

Thanks so much!

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Hyperextended hips??? Sorry, not sure what you mean by that!


As to the arms, they can be a problem, as they tend to be very angular and you can NEVER totally straighten them or they look ghastly! It's like anything else, you just have to learn to place them where they look right. It takes time and patience and work. Ballet is not an instant skill. It takes many years of excellent training and very hard work. The first step in correcting any problem is understanding that there IS a problem! Once you know this, and understand what things are supposed to look like, then it is not that hard to fix. It's just a matter of time and repetition. Remember, brain/smart......body/stupid! Once brain understands, then it has to be beaten into the body by repetition, repetition, repetition! :)

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Guest dancelover721

I have hyperextended legs and arms, too. When it comes to arms, just try to keep them as round as you can. The only time I hyperextend my legs is in arabesque. I like the look of it. :D

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The hip joint can be hyperextended, just like any other joint, but it looks ungodly, and it's not much use in ballet technique. It has to be corrected for. And just like any other form of hyperextension, it's born in, not made. Now, if all that's meant is looseness in the hip joint to allow high extension, that's a whole other issue.

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