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Ingrown toenails

Guest MissMelly

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Guest MissMelly

I noticed that the side of my toe was a little sore and red about a week ago, but now it has turned into a ingrown toenail. It still isn't too bad (I can still lift most of the nail with a file), but I was wondering if you had any suggestions about how to not let it get worse. I am already putting a little cotton under it to help lift it, rubbing the skin away from it, to give it more room.

Thank you very much! :)

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A friend of mine who was prone to ingrown toenails said that by cutting a tiny "V" in the center of the nail, she encouraged the sides to grow toward the middle. It is barely perceptible, unless your toes are within a couple of feet of someone's face, and it worked for her! Above all, never round your toenails.

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That's an old-fashioned Army method of remedy for ingrown toenails, and it's worked for me, and you're also applying some correct home maintenance measures to help correct the situation. Good for you!:) A trip to the podiatrist for the latest on how to fight this pesky problem might be in order. Above all, wear street shoes that give the toes a good bit of room to wiggle around, and keep the area scrupulously clean. Alcohol dries and hardens the area around the toe, so try cleaning it with a dilute solution of household bleach. Just dry thoroughly after such a wash.

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I'm not sure if this is the most hygenic method, but if you cut away the dead skin surronding the painful are, and like you're doing, stuff some cotton underneath the nail...... oh yeah, soaking it in epsom salt also helps some too

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the side of one of my toenails just seems to want to grow in, and I keep cutting off that biot of nail. I know your meant to not cut it rounded, but I always do it because there is nothing at the sides to cut square. I will try the triangle cutting thing!

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If you decide to try that method, be sure that you don't cut the outside edges of the nail the way you've been doing. That only makes the nail grow in more!:)

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Guest Calliope

I've suffered for a long time, I finally went the extreme route, after my podiatrist told me sooner or later I wasn't going to be able to perform "surgery" on my own.

I had the procedure where they cut the sides of the nail so it doesn't grow back. It's not pretty and the heal time is about a full 5 weeks, but you'll never suffer again.

I wouldn't recommend it as a casual procedure and the anethesia hurts like heck, but if it gets very bad, I would ask your doctor.

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Guest Jaime

I have this weird thing with my toe. Its like a ingrown toenail but then I build callus under there to...which makes it worse. I end up going to my podiatrist every few months to get them removed. She keeps encouraging me to get this surgury where she would do something or other to make it stop happening. (Plus the base of my toenail is really wide to which doesn't help) I am just to scared to have any thing crazy like that done to my foot if I am a dancer! Id rather go through the little pain of getting it out every few months. Am I right in thinking so??? :)

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Make sure that your podiatrist is fully aware of your activities as a very active dancer. Then investigate the procedure she proposes fully. It may indeed be an indicated surgery. Podiatry has come a long way from the day when the only procedure was resection and a killing of the nail bed germ cells. Ingrown toenails have been with me all through my dancing career and well along into my teaching career. It's a hereditary thing. My grandfather Johnson had ALL of his toenails ingrown! :D But remember, it's your body, and you have a choice as to what to do with it, or not.

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I've always had pain where my toenails dig into the edge of my toes at the corners, but I've never been sure if they were actually ingrown. See, after pointe I just pull my toes nails out, so to speak, and then they're ok soon. I've tried the V thing briefly, but it didn't seem to do me much good. I think it's just the way my toenails are shaped, so oh well. Dancing is worth it!

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