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to much stretching=weak jumps???

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A teacher of mine once commented that if you stretch to much your jumps will be weak. I stretch a lot for extension, grande battements, etc. and I am quite flexible but my jumps have never been my best thing. Do you think this is a result of to much stretching?

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Kiki, this would apply mostly to a person who is very loose and flexible naturally. If they do a lot of stretching, and just get more stretched and flexible, it can effect their strength, especially in jumps. These would be primarily the long, thin, probably hyperextended type bodies who are naturally best at adagio and not great in jumping. A lot of stretching for a person who is naturally tight and not flexible will not hurt their jumps.

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Guest Giselle83

hello! my teacher told us also that if somebody have very loose and flexible achilles tendons, they are weak jumpers. I was very glad to prove her wrong :o

Mine were the longest in the class and I have never had difficulties to jump real high. I'm also one of the tallest and and I'm thin and naturally flexible. I admit that my articulation in petite allegro isnt really good and I'm rather slow but when it comes to grand allegro I have no problems. So there are exceptions... :)

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