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Guest ELZIX1

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Guest ELZIX1

HELP me! My dance company (MVB) is going to do a ballet called LA fille mal Garde, and I have no clue what it is about. and me being the only boy in the company now I need to know what part would suit me best before she decides to send out for some male dancers for that part. If you have never seen this ballet and think I am lying go to Http://www.MVBallet.org and check out the upcoming preformances.

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Elzix, La Fille Mal Gardee is a delightful ballet! Lots of fun to do :) It's a comedy, and the music is lots of fun. The male lead is Colas, a country lad who is in love with Lise, but Lise's Mom wants her to marry Alain, the son of a wealthy gentleman. The problem is that Alain is sort of a "simpleton", or a boy who seems to be more concerned with butterfly catching than marrying Lise or anyone ;) Colas and Alain are the only two leading male roles, but there are a number of male corps roles.


Perhaps you could go to the library and look up the ballet, and also find some pictures of it. There is a video of the ballet too.

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Guest Mollie Liv

My studio recently performed this ballet. It is super fun. I was one of "Lise's Friends." As Ms. Leigh said, there are only two male leads, Colas and Alain. Alain is an awesomely fun part and good if you don't wish to do partnering. It also has fun acting in it as well. Colas is the lead, and he does some pretty trippy lifts. There are also the I guess you would say boyfriends of the friends. That is a fun role as well. Actually, every role is awesome! Have fun doing this ballet!

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There are also a bunch of character parts - for example, in the Ashton version, the mother is usually danced by a man in the Pantomime Dame tradition. Alain's father is another good mime role. There is also a priest, and several other recognizable types running around in various versions, and they're largely non-dancing. But they're fun!

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