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Nutcracker Auditions

Guest ballet princess

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Guest ballet princess

I know its probably early to be thinking about Nutcracker auditions, but I cant help it! :) I want to audition for the Moscow Ballet Nutcracker. I'm 14 and was just curious as to what roles I could get if I were to be accepted.


I feel silly asking this so soon!:)

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Cathy, every production is different in terms of the way they use young dancers. For instance, some use a child for Clara (or Marie), so the party scene would have children. If you are a very small 14, you might fit there. Other productions use a company member in that role, so the party children might be a bit older, and some 14 year olds might be right for that. There are children in several different roles in some productions, but not in others. So, without knowing this production, it is not possible for us to say what you might be right for.

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That's very hard to say. Moscow City Ballet has its own version of The Nutcracker that's not like other Russian productions of the ballet, so what's available to be filled by students isn't clear. I know that they've toured the US before, so has anybody seen this version or even better, danced in it?

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Guest Jm'sugarplimfairy

I am also auditioning for the Nutcracker in like September and I am very nervous! I am not sure for teenagers on the whole what kind of parts are there?:)

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Guest Medora

Hi! I've danced in the Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker for the past two years now, so maybe I can be of some help. All of the productions are different, so roles may be different depending on where you live. Generally, young children between eight and eleven are party guests. For older children, they will place you according to your skills. The older roles in my area have consisted of, in order of ability, angels, mice, butterflies, and then divertisments (spanish, chinese, russian, and arabian). Nothing is on pointe except the older divertisments, although it may be different depending on your area. In our nutcracker, there are two dancers chosen for each divertisment, and they dance in the back behind the two principles. Sorry, you won't get to be Clara, as in the Russian version of the Nutcracker, Clara is Masha, there is no sugar plum fairy, and Masha dances the grand pas de deux at the end as part of her dream. I was in the wings watching it, it was the first time I had ever seen professionals perform live, I was teary eyed. My friend started bawling, and I had to wipe up her eyeliner with my fingers real fast before the final bow! It's a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed being a divertisment. It really is a beautiful nutcracker with some spectacular dancing! Hope that helped! Good luck! :)

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The answer is very much the same. It depends on the company, whether civic, regional, resident professional or touring professional, and what kind of a take they have in the staging of the ballet. If it's a civic company, practically every role is in play, if it's a touring professional company, then the parts are smaller.

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Hi Ballet Princess,


I've just emailed the Moscow Ballet for find out when the auditions are for New York. Are you auditioning in October? How did you find out about the audition and what will you have to do to audition. I would like my daughter to audition also if it is close to where we live.


Thanks for any info you may have!!!

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Guest ballet princess

HI rljdance,


Yes, I'm doing the October audition in New York. My ballet teacher told me they are holding the auditions in October, but the exact dates arent out yet. They should be coming soon on their site: http://www.nutcracker.com


I've never auditioned for it before, so I'm not sure what I have to do. Maybe Medora will have more information in the audition.



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