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Broken clavicle

Guest Leap4stars77

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Guest Leap4stars77

I recently broke my clavical bone and was wondering if there are any stretches I should do to help it heal faster or to make sure I don't lose my flexibility there while I can't dance. Are there any stretches I would be able to do so that I won't lose my technique? I still go to watch class and find it extremely hard to not be able to get up and dance with everyone else and was just wondering if there is anything I could do to stay in shape for the next 4-6 weeks while I can't dance? :o

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Oh Mandi, that is too bad about the clavicle. I'm so sorry to hear that :o


As to exercises or stretches, I really think that should be determined by the physician and physical therapists. However, I would think that you might be able to do some things for your legs and feet in the meantime, such as just sitting on the floor and working on your feet and your rotation. Somewhat limited, of course, because you can't do anything with the upper body.


I would suggest that you take advantage of the time watching to work on your vocabulary, spelling, and studying the organization and plan to the classes, as well as the corrections and instructions given during the class. Study the class from a different perspective, in terms of possibly learning to teach someday. Learn how the exercises are put together, the order they follow, and why it is done that way. Study how the class builds, and what things are important to look for in watching the students. Watch how different students work in terms of what really does work and what does not, and why. Study the musicality of the class itself, and of the students. There are many things that you can do to really benefit from this time, even though I know it is very frustrating to have to sit out that long.

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