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Guest ballet_barbie72

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Guest ballet_barbie72

Does anyone have any advice for anyone going to do their Pre-Intermediate exams. I'm not doing mine for a few months, but I really want to be prepared.

-Erin xoxoxo

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Relax. You know the material, and anxiety will only make doing it harder. :)

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Guest Firebird3000

One tip of advice for all vocational exams:

When dancing in a studio you have never danced before check it to make sure you do or do not need rosin! Thats what happened to me, I slipped on the dance study on the runs

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Rosin (or colophony) is the dry, solid and crystalline form of the sap of a coniferous tree, usually pine, that is used in keeping things from slipping easily past one another, as a shoe against a floor. It is available in rock or powdered form. Its use on wood floors is almost essential, but marley doesn't like it very much.

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