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afraid of class

Guest e1coli

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Guest e1coli

i don't know why but i'm beginning to be afraid of center work. i can manage most of the combinations but i can't help feeling overwhelmed by the exercises. This has caused me to feel intimidated by other students and really afraid to try new things.


i am especially tensed when i have to do stuff that i'm not good at.


can anyone please give me some advice so that i'll be more confident?? thanks

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Are you in a class that is too advanced for you? Perhaps you need to spend a bit more time in a slightly lower level class? If this is not the case, then I don't know why you would feel this way. Are you perhaps spending too much time and energy on comparisons, and not enough on yourself and just doing the work?

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Guest e1coli

in fact i'm in a class which is too basic for me. i've tried more advance classes and they are ok, i can catch up. but i guess i just have inferior complex.


i don't go for classes everyday only thrice a week and can only practice for about an hour everyday so perhaps, i need more practice?

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Guest Tia5678

It may be that you need more practice. I use to have problems similar to your in class, until I started going to dance every day of the week for and hour and a half- two hours of dancing a day. It really helped. But if you can't do that, work at home. Trust me, I know where you rcoming from on this one. :)

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