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Ive done it!!!!!!

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Oh My God, i have finally done my grade 8 RAD ballet exam.:D


On Tuesday 1st July i knocked back lots of rescue remedy (flower extracts) and headed off to the ballet studio with one pair of ballet shoes, calf length ballet skirt, one pair of character shoes and one character skirt. By the time i got there the remedy had started to kick in. I warmed up for an hour, went through all dances i was about to do then sat silently for ten minutes until we were called in. (three of us were taking it) The examiner was lovely, A very mature lady, did not come across as a ballet bod until she spoke and calmly told us what was expected of us.


We started with the barre work where my left foot took it apon itself to inflict cramp on me, in the end the pain was so bad that i had to straighten my foot out ever so slightly so i could stand on it in the next movement. :eek: Then we had to do our solo dances and i danced my little backside off like i have never done before, well not for a long time. The rescue remedy proved to be a godsend and i have now bought a bottle of my own. (Anita, one of the other girls who was also taking exam and a friend of mine, lent me her bottle so thanks for that).


So now all we have to do is wait for approx 6 weeks for the results. Its going to be more nerve racking waiting for them than it was taking the exam.


I am so glad it is over, next one in August which i am dreading - Elementary (now known as intermediate).


Skippy :D

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Hang on a minute, let me pick myself up off the floor! You mean Grade 8 as in THE Grade 8! oh thank you god:D


I bet Sally (ballet teacher) must be in shock as well! I can't believe it. Congratulations :D :D :cool: :cool:


Somehow I think I am never destined to do any of the Grades, but nevermind, heyho and all that.


So your life will be empty now! what are you going to do without Grade 8??


At least you can now become a student member of the RAD, if you aren't already.


Big Hugs



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Guest beckster

That's brilliant! I didn't know you were taking it this time round - sounds like it went well. The results will be through before you know it. Make sure you update us!

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We are going to start elementary with NATD. It should only take another three years before we take the exam just like the grade eight. Should keep us occupied and out of trouble. LOast Thursday (the class after the exam we did a free class, we did barre work followed by floor barre and then half an hours pointe. It was nice not having to do grade 8 though slightly weird.


As soon as i know the results i shall let you know ;)


skippy :D

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Guest Niteston

Hello! :D

I took my Grade 8 exam with Skippy and gave her the Rescue Remdey! ;)

I would like to thank skippy for all her help she gave me before and on the day of the exam! :P

The exam as skippy explaned was good and everything went well. We just need to wait for the results now. Which is a long wait!! :D


Niteston :blink:

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Guest bunion buddy

Congratulations, Skippy! I am not familiar with the "rescue remedy" you mention. The only product that I know of by this name is a product given to tense and nervous dogs. Could you please elaborate on this? Thank you!

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Guest beckster

I think it's made by Bach's flower remedies, and it is simply called Rescue Remedy. It's made of plant extracts and you take a few drops when you need to be calm, like in an exam or before a presentation. In the UK it is available from chemists such as Boots (even the small branches carry it) and from health food shops like Holland and Barratt.

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Guest grace

congratulations on your bravery and your hard work!


indeed, Rescue Remedy IS probably the same one you heard of, as being given to dogs.


Bach Flower Remedies are supposed to work even better on animals, than on people, because the animals don't over-analyse - they just accept it! it's quite a fascinating little subject to dip into, and learn about, if any of you are interested - whether you are inclined towards being 'believers' or not...


i've used these and other oils (Australian Bush Flowers) on my rescued animals, and on myself.


Rescue Remedy i have saved for use at funerals - but it certainly has a multitude of calming possibilities. it's cheap and can't do any harm. (mind you, there IS a teeny-tiny bit of brandy in there, which may be part of the secret!) :)

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:wink: HI everyone, just wanted to say thank you for all the replies. Beckster has the explanation about rescue remedy down to a T. I used it again the other day for an audition for a pantomine that the company i work for (British Airways) put on every year. This year they are doing Aladdin. I intially went for a chorus part but got talked into going in for a part. This meant that i had to sing on my own infront of a panel of people and for anyone who knows me they know that this is not the most pleasant thing to have to sit through. Anyway the rescue remedy came through for me again and i find out this week if i have a part or not.


Still waiting for exam results, lets hope the weeks go by quickly


Skippy :innocent:

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