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Tippy Toes Dance Ordering Experience

Guest Tiny Feet

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Guest Terriergirl

Hi Tiny Feet:


I've been trying to reach them for 3 weeks - to place an order for Russian Pointe's-and I can't reach anyone. I've left voicemails and e-mails and haven't heard anything back from them and wondered if they're actually in business.


Sorry I'm not more help but thought I'd share my own recent experience with them. I'm curious to hear others experience...

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Guest Tiny Feet

Hello Terriergirl,


Yeah me too. There are not of carriers that offers Prima Russe also Russian.


I put my order in and have not received any "final" invoice and it has been over a week and a half. I tried to call and leave a message but their voicemail box was full. So I emailed them twice and still no response.


As you can see, I had very similar experience and I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt but it sounds like I will just have to tough it out and buy the shoes for more at the local dance store.


Very unfortunate. Now I have to go through the trouble of stopping payment on my credit card and blah, blah, blah with all the headaches of cancelling the order.


Thanks for sharing your experience. I think between us, we just summed up if Tippy Toes is good on-line place to order from.

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Guest Terriergirl

Bummer on the order, Tiny Feet! Unfortunately, no one in the entire state of Minnesota carries Russian Pointe so I've started looking at mailorder elsewhere.


Please post if ANYONE has ordered from "Tippytoes" in the last month!?

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Guest Tiny Feet

Hello Terriergirl


Yeah, a real bummer.


Wanted to offer this link to a 'Back Bay Dancewear.'




They were my alternate site to order the Prima Russe for a little less than the store but more than Tippy Toes.


I am a bit gun shy of ordering from a less known web site since the Tippy Toes incident. But if you are in a bind for Russian shoes, it may be worth while to email them first or call before ordering to test the waters.


Hope this helps.


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Order from Back Bay Dancewear without worry. I have been ordering my daughter's pointe shoes from them for 2 years without a problem. I have also spoken to Mary on the phone several times and she was very helpful. Their paper catalog is much larger than what is online. We always have to special order my daughter's shoes because they don't carry her size and they arrive in a timely fashion.

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Guest Terriergirl

I, too, have ordered from Patterson's Back Bay Dance and they are a very reputable store in Mass. Unfortuately, they didn't have the size I needed and I didn't want to wait; hence my trying to purchase through Tippytoes. Good luck!

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