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Guest Ballet_Dreamer

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Guest Ballet_Dreamer

I was just curious to know who is going to ADC in August? Which session are you going to?


I'm going to session 3.




PS--> I miss all of you from the June session!

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Pasting this from another thread:


Early August:

Luna, Sheila, Skittle (?), Buglady, Anders and his Oatmeal, Barretalk, Dancerwannabe, Old Shoe, Ce, KarenFixe, Robson, Serenade, Chat de Pas, 2 Left Feet


Undecided: Mizunotenski, IUdancer


Any more attendees?

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hey Dancerwannabe, I thought you were coming to the early August session.....what happened? :)



We will miss you!

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Guest *Lili*

I'm going to the 3rd session too! Also my first time.. :devil: I can't wait to meet you all! I don't even realize yet that I'll be in Richmond dancing for a whole week in less than one month... :angry: I'm so excited!

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Guest karenfixe

Hey everyone,


Is anyone flying in to Richmond International and landing around 9:30 pm on Saturday night? If so, I'd love to share a cab ride...




Karen :angry:

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4 days until I am in Richmond again :D and 5 until we start classes. YAY


I am coming in around 4:15 through chicago.... anyone want to share a cab?? I know another ADCer is arriving at the same time,but we could have one or two more to cut down on cost.


See you all there .... :angry:



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