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Wine Couch Time

Jaana Heino

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Today was a bad, bad, bad and stupid dancing day. First of all, I had burned the back my neck in the sun, and it stang annoyingly in my neck. Second, I why is it so much more difficult to do a tolerable pirouette at the barre than it is at the center? No matter how much I imagine that the barre is not even there, en dehors to the right at the barre is pure impossibility, and the rest are not much better. Third, why does the class have to be filled by all these amazing adult dancers who have perfect timing and lovely arms and make me look like a flailing idiot (yes, psavola, I'm talking about you too :D)? Fourth, what on Earth were the teachers thinking, putting me in intermediate 1 classes and saying it'll be fine? I should be in beginner 2. If that.


Rant rant. I know it'll pass. Doesn't make it feel any better, though.

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Guest Tiny Feet



I know where you are coming from and exactly what you mean!


I went to a new Tuesday evening Int/Adv class to test the waters with this new teacher. Let's just say that I haven't felt THAT inept or out of place in a very long time! ^_^


The ladies that were in the class should of probably been in an advanced class if there were any available, but unfortunatly for them and me, around here it is either beginner or int/adv. Majority of the ladies in the class were doing double and triple pirouettes with ease, while I was struggeling with just one in the center combination. And the more I watched them the worst my pirouttes got. It was a REAL humbling experience.


I envy you that you have other options. As difficult as it was, I did pick myself back up and attended a beg/int class the very next day in an attempt to redeem myself and mend the ego a little. :">

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Guest donna f

I've had the same problem with difficulties with pirouettes at the barre. After considering what I was doing for a good deal of time, I realized that, being a bit on the short side, the barre was a little high for me, so it elevated my shoulder. That being the case I was off my center to begin with. I find that if I release the barre and gain squareness of the hips and shoulders prior to the pirouette the result is much better. Where I take class, I find that the 'perfect' height of the barre for me lies somewhere between the low and the high barres. You may want to check to see if holding the barre is throwing you off your center.


Good luck!

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Fourth, what on Earth were the teachers thinking, putting me in intermediate 1 classes and saying it'll be fine? I should be in beginner 2. If that.

Oh Jaana! You're being challenged, and deep down you LOVE it! :D


You will probably progress a bit faster if you are in a class that challenges you like this (especially if you combine it with an easier class too.) It is good that there are people in there to inspire you and combinations and steps to 'take home' to think about.


But you are allowed to whine on the wine couch. I've brought some nachos as well. :rolleyes:

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i did not know there were rednecks in Finland! :rolleyes:


That which does not kill you makes you stronger. I take my hand off the barre for piroettes, I don't find it useful at all.



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Thanks. I slept the night, and am feeling better. I try and let go of the barre before the pirouette and ignore it, but for some completely absurd reason that doesn't help. :D More practice. And yes, I am extremely lucky having the classes and teachers that I have, and I do trust them enough to believe that they are right in placing me to int1. And Kate is right: I do love the challenge, except for some horrible days like yesterday. :rolleyes:


And now that I'm over my frustration, I perfecly well know that the reason why some of the other dancers are so great is that they have been on that level for about a year in the minimum, some more - and I've just began it. On good days I'm just inspired by them ("In a year, if I work hard, I might dance like her!").


Thanks for the comments!

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Guest fastfeets

Sounds like I'm a bit late for the couch..... :) That patience and logic when you feel so crummy is so hard to find, isn't it.....and sleep does wonders for the mood. I'm glad you're in better spirits....hang in there. In no time you'll be surpassing them all, and they'll be saying "There's this lady in my class...oh she's so good!! I'll never be as good as she" about YOU!!

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fastfeets, I'm sure there will be lots and lots of opportunities for the couch in the future. :D


And you're right; the difference in thinking when frustrated and after getting over it is amazing. Actually, coping with frustration is one of the worst problems I have with my training. It's even worse with swordsmanship training, probably because I do less of it, and because it involves partnered training all the time, and my inabilities affect the other person's training, too. My swordsmaster is available that I get often get too upset when I am in a class a bit too hard for me, and tries to help me overcome this, but I'm not sure if it's working yet...:) My ballet teachers have so far not noticed.

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Guest karenfixe

Ok, I don't want to be labeled as a whiner, but I was hoping there might be enough room for me to squeeze onto the wine couch.


Yesterday I took class at the San Diego Ballet studios after working 2 non-stop days at our yearly User Conference. I think I talked to over 150 people in those 2 days and was probably more tired than I'd thought. I was so excited to get to take a class in another city, meet some new people, and shake things up a bit.


I believe that this was my worst class EVER! I couldn't remember even the simplest of combinations either at the barre or the center. The floor was different (Marly) and I could barely see myself in the mirror across this deep deep room. My timing was not just off - it was WAY OFF. I felt fat (especially compared to the 13 yr old girls). Thankfully there was another adult in the class and although we didn't have much time to talk, she gave me a knowing look. :P


By the time I left the studio to head home, I was so dejected and thought about giving up. I mean, how is it possible that with all the work I've been doing, that I'm getting worse??? I hope I don't suck at camp. Maybe after getting some sleep I'll feel better.

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Guest fastfeets

karen, there's always room on the whining couch! :D I think we've all been in 'that class'. I know I have!! Sleep does help, and you likely weren't bad at all....just tired and disoriented. Feeling dejected and wondering why you're doing it at all....and especially wondering if you should continue are feelings I'm quite familiar with, and they pass...there's no magic words to make them go away, but knowing they do go away is marginally helpful. Sleep and objectivity make even more headway. You're doing this for you, and know that while the tiny 13 yr olds may appear to be fantastic, they go home feeling the same way sometimes....and we adults can take heart that we're quite a bit older, and still keeping up with the youngsters! :wink:


I believe the whole process is cyclical. We go through periods of visible growth and improvement, then things slow...and even halt. During that slow period, when the mood drops to the floor, and esteem falls below it we're making minute improvements that lead to a great breakthrough, and we get back on the upswing. Then it begins again. That thought keeps me going through the low times. I even try to pinpoint what my body is trying to assimilate in such small ways so I can aide the process. It takes my mind off the negative a little, though not by much. But every little bit helps....


Take a little rest on the couch then go back in recharged and confident. You're doing what some people can only dream of. We all are. We've endured and braved a hard world....that's no small accomplishment.


now someone remind me of this post when I come back in for time on the couch..lol

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