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Anyone From Level 1-2 Of The Adc To Post Diary?

Guest venecha

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Guest venecha

Will anyone who was in the Level 1-2 of the ADC please post a diary for those of us who must live vicariously through you? I know I would NOT be in the level 3-4 classes, but would like to know what to expect for next year. How difficult was the level 2 class? Was class 1 too easy?


Please? Anyone?


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Guest MKdance


I attended the June 2003 session of ADC. Unfortunately I was too lazy to write a day to day journal entry which I regret now. I took level II, and I would describe it just as ADC does as a lower intermediate level. During placement I took the level II class(I have been taking ballet for 2yrs), and did very well at the barre, but was a little behind in the center. Tristi was our instructor for the placement class and she said that she went faster than normal and pushed more than normal just to see what level we were really at. I consulted with her afterward and she said to stay in level II, that level I is much slower and more beginning. We had the same instructors as levels 3 and 4, but on different days. I would agree with Luna in her diary entries when describing different instructors. Each instructor had a different approach or style(for example some were more out going or pushed more or less etc.) but ALL of the instructors were Phenomenal!!!!! I couldn't have asked for better. The level I and II womens variation piece was taught by Denile. We performed a piece from the beginning of Swan Lake, she said it was during the time they are gathered for the prince's birthday, but didn't get much more specific. The level I and II repertory piece was from one of the fairy sequences(lilac fairy) in Sleeping Beauty and was taught by Jasmine Grace, a ballet mistress (with the Richmond Ballet I believe). Our pas de deux was the same as level III/IV from the Black Swan in Swan Lake, only ours was MUCH more simplified. I would say that in level II most were pretty comfortable with the basics, maybe didn't have perfect arms etc., but could keep up a fairly moderate pace. I thought that I gained a lot of good experience through ADC, and would recommend it to anyone who is contemplating it at any level. I think the level I/II's had just as much to gain as the upper levels. Most in my level hadn't performed before, so that was a great experience for us. I also chose to do the individual professional photo's after the performance. I would recommend that as well, to anyone going in August. Two instructors Kathy and Pedro helped to pose us for the photos and did an excellent job. They had so many great ideas and would adjust you here and there so you could get the picture just right. I had a great time with it, and can't wait for the contact sheet!! I am sorry I don't have a day to day run down, but I hope this helps!!

Michelle :rolleyes:

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Guest venecha


Thank you VERY much for taking the time to reply. I really wondered which level to try for. 2 may be the one for me! You guys are just great!

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