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Extensions And Tight Iliotibial Bands?

Guest Dr.Pepper

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Guest Dr.Pepper

Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows of some good stretches for the iliotibial band (the muscle that runs along the outer thigh). I was a dancer for many years and then took some time off...well several years. :rolleyes: After coming back, I have VERY tight IT bands which I think has contributed to some knee problems. I'm having a hard time getting my front and side extension back...I just can't straighten my legs if I raise my knee higher than 90 degrees.....which I think might be due to my tight IT bands....Any thoughts, suggestions???? Thanks!!

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Hi, doc, and welcome back to ballet and especially here to Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online! :)


On returning to ballet after a long hiatus, all the structures related to extension particularly will be somewhat uncooperative. Just bear in mind that 90º for anything is plenty for right now, and with continuing class, the strength and flexibility will grow, and things will become better - gradually.

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