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Tired Of Forced Turnout


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Guest Giselle83

I'm so tired of the forced turnout too!!! Mine seems to be basically little over 90 degrees...I started ballet when I was 15. I can feel some progress in my leg muscles but I'm fast getting bad habits in my ankles. As I have had injuries in both knees I'm very careful with them. Now my ankles have gotten so loose especially from pointe work, I do the opposite to sickling...if u know what I mean. it makes ankles look nice but I think it's very unhealthy...any opinions about this....?


What I wonder is that how can I know, when I'm not pushing my rotation enough and like 'giving up too easily' or when I'm trying too hard? When I make a simple releve from 1st position...I can quite never land back to the same position...even if I stood in bad 100 degrees position...:-( But I think during the last year, I have found some new muscles and holding my leg a la seconde seems so much easier! (as long as I'm not on demi-pointe ehehe) I feel like I finally understood how far over the supporting foot I actually gotta stand!


dance on!

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thanks all for answering to my query. i'm not too sure i understand fully everything, but i'll try :P


that sentence was given by my ballet teacher, also my anatomy teacher. and yes, it was given in explanation for why i should push my 100-degree turnout so that i can get my (at least) 160-degree turnout. i'm been doing that, but it's been causing a lot of problems on my posture. it's difficult trying to hold a good posture and a forced turnout at the same time. B)

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Mr. Johnson, grace, thank you! I've (of course) studied a lot of anatomy for my MD, but being a researcher rather than a practicing physician, I had forgotten a lot - then I started ballet and now I'm trying to re-teach myself most of it and then some. B)

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