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Guest Anders

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Guest Anders

Hey all! I've managed to spend all summer so far cooped up in my office for 12 hrs a day, leaving no time for ballet and little time for gym. The fact is that I haven't danced for two months. My exercise lately is confined to riding my bicycle 30 minutes a day to/from work. With the Richmond August 3 session around the corner, I wonder if anyone has any ideas for strengthbuilding exercises that will reduce the risk of injury. Last year, my achilles tendon got inflamed from the strain, and I was probably in better shape than I am now!

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Unfortunately, the body being the perverse animal that it is, there is no hurry-up regimen to get back into shape. :P You might have reserved some time after work for a NYCB Workout, just for maintenance. Truth is, you need class! Find a lower level to work at if you can, but get those classes!

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At least get some therabands and use them while you're at your desk, then if you're standing around (anywhere), do some releves. Stretch everything as much as possible. Oh, and take a lot of Ibprofen with you!

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Guest Dr.Pepper

Hi Anders...I feel ya...my achilles is the first thing that lets me know I'm out of shape! :D This may sound crazy but it helps me....I do releve's ALL day...every opportunity I find, whether I'm washing dishes, waiting at the copy machine, even in line at stores. I'll even just walk around the house in demi-point. Yes you may get the occasional glance :wink: but hey that's why we're dancers!!! Also I stretch my achilles throughout the day...same thing, you can do it anywhere...just shift all your wait to one leg (keeping knees forward) and bend/plie the supporting leg. You should feel a nice achilles stretch. Of course this isn't as beneficial as taking classes, but I find it's good preparation to prevent your achilles from going into shock when you get back into class. Hope this helps! Have a great time!

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Friends from high school reminded me recently that I was constantly flexing and pointing my feet under the desk in academic classes. Just don't get carried away with "office practice" and start doing pas marché when you go to the water cooler. Ludwig II of Bavaria went to Paris early in his reign to gain "inspiration". He believed that he was the reincarnation of Louis XIV, among many other things. He used to practice his "pas de roi", as he called it, and was the subject of some little comment among Parisians! :wink:

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Just don't get carried away with "office practice" and start doing pas marché when you go to the water cooler.

Like in the charming Japanese film, "Shall We Dance?" where an office worker is mocked because his ballroom dancing steps have become his regular way of moving.


I recall reading in the library one day and noticing that I was doing frappes under the table.


In the summer when there are few classes offered, I try to do exercises on my own 2 or 3 times a week. I'll stretch and do some basic exercises, like plie, releve, and tendue with flex and pointe. 5 minutes turns to 10 minutes, and sometimes I just keep going for an hour or so. I guess the endorphins take over. Even if you don't feel like you have the time, your body can convince you to make the time. And it will thank you afterwords!



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And be careful when practicing pirouettes (or any type of turn). I was practicing pirouettes, which require a lot of focus for me, and forgot I had a full glass of water in my hand, well... you can just imagine. Fortunately, I was at home, unfortunately, I study russian technique which uses a lot of arm strength and movement. And, fortunately, it was an en dehors turn! And yes, I love the new smiles :wink:

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I once got carried away during my vacation, and tried to do an en dehors pirouette on the sand. I ended up with my leg sunk in the sand up to my knee!!!





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ouch! I would only recommend turns on the harder sand, close to the surf, but watch out for incoming waves :wink:

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Guest Ozzie Oz

I used to be a caterer in a major hospital and was caught standing on demi-pointe in a very wide second position against a counter while serving fourty bowls of jelly and two fruits for heart patients. Needless to say I was the main topic in the staff room. But hey my feet were aching and I was just trying to get some relief. :D

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Good! :blushing:


Now just don't start practicing it in public parks the way Ludwig did! Although, come to think of it, I once taught the Peasant pas de deux to two dancers in Washington Square when there were no available studios to be had. I don't believe anybody but out-of-towners may have noticed. :o

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