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Blisters again!

Guest pavlovadancer

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Guest pavlovadancer

I just bought a blister guard or something like that for my blister. It's Scholl Sore Spot or Scholl Blister or something. The thing is, I don't quite know how to use it.


Anyway, the situation: I've got a giant blister on my pinky toe (it's already broken/open), and I have a performance in two days, so I thought the blister guard things might help.


When I peel them off the backing, it is sticky, like a sticker. Doesn't that mean that it will stick to the raw skin, and won't pulling it off hurt a lot?


I'm kinda in a dire situation, can I can't seem to find moleskin, second skin and all that other stuff I've read on the message board. I'll be trying lavender oil, iodine, methylated spirits and hair drying the blister ('cuse the grammar) tonight to see if it works. the super glue thing sounds totally gross.! :P


The full-dress rehearsal is tommorrow. My teacher wants me to try out my pointe shoes as I just shellac-ed them. But I know I shouldn't. Any advice?

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Shellacked shoes need at least twenty-four hours to dry completely. If the blister shield you bought is too small for the blister, then you get the next size larger. Save what you already have for later, smaller blisters. Get some Telfa® pads or other nonstick dressing for the sore area now, and tape it in place. Ask the pharmacist for help in finding what you need. That's what s/he was trained to do.

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Guest pavlovadancer

Hi! This is really catatonic.... I didn't get to read your message until AFTER the performance. I took panadol, put on the blister guard, and danced awfully. My grand jete was less than 90-degrees, thanks to the fact that I had to do a develope on my blistered leg. Well, I'm glad it's over, :wacko: . Phew.

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You really do have my sincere sympathy. I've worked while injured, too, and it's no fun. I had tried to get back to you quickly, but I guess I just missed you. :wacko:

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