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Last night in class when we did leg lifts, I injured a muscle in my left leg. Not sure which one it is, but it's the one that runs along the inner upper thigh. We wre doing the lifts very slowly, but I pushed myself to go higher and the muscle just gave a very bad and angry TWANG. The musle is my waterloo, I always have problems with it. The minute I got home, I put Mel's R-I-C-E (rest,ice,compression - I wrapped it,elevation) to work right away and I'm glad to say it really relieved the poor muscle. I say this because when this happened to me once before I didn't do anything about it, thinking that it would just go away and it took around four months for it to get back into condition. Right now it isn't brand new, but it certainly hurts a LOT less than when it happened before. I am planning to take it easy on this one, low or no developpes for now, and maybe go see a doctor/PT.


Thanks for the RICE theory, Mel, it really helped me this time! I'm planning to do it again tonight, and keep doing it. To anyone else who's had an injury, don't ignore it! I've realized that the muscles forget conditioning too quickly but remember injury with a vengeance!

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It's what we're here for, and the American Red Cross recommended first aid for any number of soft tissue injury situations is R-I-C-E-(D). That D is for Doctor, if the pain continues. Often just the first aid is sufficient to alleviate the pain and minimize the damage. :P

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