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Ballet Talk for Dancers

a few new smilies added


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just for you.


I thought :P would come in handy.


And, if you click Show All....


[snip; I had to send the pom pom girl home, for those who saw her -- she wasn't a free emoticon and so we can't use her.]


And a four-leaf clover for good luck.





(If you haven't figured this out already, once you click Show All, the full Emoticon panel will be available, but hidden -- if you have Windows, it's in your task bar. The rest of you are on your own :wink:

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I :) them all!! :hyper:

And I must say the new site looks great! :thumbsup:

Especially now that the forums are back in the order the used to be on the old site :huh::mondieu::thumbsup:


Once again :thumbsup: !

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Yes, they're easy.


I just put up a few more.



How can you say that! I'm innocent!! :innocent:


You devil! :wacko: (for when the firedevil is a bit much)


:ermm: -- that's emoticon for "Er" as in "Er, I thought I'd answered that question."


:pinch: As in "Ouch!"


And :cat:

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Good adds! Those are super :ermm::wacko:

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I just thought I would have some fun and add a smile to this post! :thumbsup:

This site never makes me :green: , but often i look at it when I am :sleeping: and I am a very :o ,but :blushing: at the same time ! :P

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All the Administrators and Moderators of the board are :P that you find the board so :o . Remember that we :blushing: you, and all our members, and we have you as :sleeping: in our book!

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