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Guest Jaime

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Guest Jaime

I am currenting in ABT summer intensive in New York City. And last week a few girl were allowed in to watch ALESSANDRA FERRI rehearse!!! First of she is so skinny (escpecially for having 2 kids) Plus here feet are absolutly AMAZING!

She broke 2 Pointe shoes in a 30 min. rehearsal!!!!!!!!

PLUS I got her picture and autograph! :)

Any ways.... She is a fabulous dancer

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Guest Medora

Jaime, you are soo lucky!!!!!! Why don't we have a green eyed monstor icon? Alessandra Ferri is my favorite dancer, and my idol!! I want to be just like her one day! :wacko: I first discovered her when I saw the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet on tape. It was so breathtaking, I think it was then I decided I had to become a professional, to be able to dance that role. Then I saw her on tape in Giselle, and she made me cry five times over. Gosh, what would I give to meet her! I wrote her a letter back in May, but she hasn't responded yet. :o:D I know she's probably really busy though and must get tons of fan mail, so I'm still waiting and praying every day before I go to the mailbox. What did she say to you? Anything inspiring? Tell, tell! Anyways, I absolutely idolize her, and I hope I can meet her one day!

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That's awesome! Do you know what she was rehearsing? How tall do you estimate her to be?



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Moved this topic to YD temporarily, until Jaime has been here long enough to be admitted to the Buddy Board, and then I will move it there. :D

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I also saw her. I was told she was rehearsing Giselle. Burman was coaching her. To me she looked about 5'5, but I could be wrong because I did not see her up close. :wacko:

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Guest Medora

Giselle? Yes!!! :ermm: Well, if she truly was, then yes, because I'm dying to see her live in Giselle! It was sooo sad! :innocent: She totally blew me away and won me over with the LaScala version, so I'm dying to see it live! I want to go to NY to see a performance next spring and I'm going to ask to go as a graduation present, gee, I hope they do it next year! :wacko:


I really don't know how tall she is, but she looks really tiny to me, and my teacher told me she is barely five feet tall, but what do I know? I don't want to spread gossip or anything, but I've heard she is very small.

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