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Yay! I start pointe in August!

Guest dramagirl_dancer

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This isn't a pointe shoe topic question, this is more of a technique/ brag board question, so I am moving it so that you will get more direct information.

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Hello dramagirl_dancer, welcome to the Young Dancers Forum on Ballet Alert! Online :blushing:


What to expect depends a great deal on how well prepared you are and how much facility you have. If you are well trained, placed, know how to use your rotation, and have good feet, it will be a piece of cake! If not, it will be difficult and even possibly painful.


You will be starting with just a little bit at the barre. You should learn how to properly tie the shoes, and from there you should be taught to do tendu in pointe shoes, and then how to rise on pointe. Depending on your technical strength and readiness, how much more you can do could be anything from no more than that to quite a bit more than that. Let us know how it goes!

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Guest Jazz4Kitn

YAY! Me too. :rolleyes: It is S0o exciting isn't it? :sweating: I start at the end of August so a little longer for me but, I guess I can wait. Heh. Well, good luck!


-~*~- Jazz4kitn -~*~-

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Guest Tia5678

Hey, congratulations! I don't mean to bring me down, because I was just as excited as you when I found out I was getting pointe shoes, but the first year on pointe is tough. I'm sorry, I really don't want to scare you, but you start off with painful feet, and then move on to deep blisters. But within a year your feet will get use to it and you'll do fine. Good luck, and congratulations! :lol:

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Guest dancinbabie514

Congratulations!!! When I got my pointe shoes I was sooo excited. Most people complain every now and then because of a blister....but between you and me I think it's worth it! It's just a beautiful line and it's like a whole new level in ballet. Good luck!!! :D

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Guest Tia5678

hi, i'm new here and i don't have pointe shoes but when my classmates take off their pointe shoes its nasty!!! either they have new blisters or their older blisters get worse. but any way i'm sure that you'll do just fine on pointe and good luck! :D

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Guest RachelD

Congratulations!! I was sooo excited when I got my pointe shoes. I've been on pointe for about seven months. Expect to get blisters and your legs to be sore. it is tough but just keep practicing.

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I haven't gotten any blisters since I started pointe, and I don't wear any padding, just tape on my fourth toes to keep them straight. Don't worry - it's LOADS of fun!

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Guest Terin

I haven't started pointe yet, but I know a lot of people who have. All of them have different techniques to keep from getting blisters. Some of them get special gel filled pads, and some use lambs wool- a lot of them use a combination of those and tape. A few people I've seen just put their pointe shoes on bare! :devil: Is there any way of knowing what will work for you without trying all the different techniques?

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Guest Firebird3000

Hmm, to find a good technique that will work for you on pointe is hard and may take a while. If you always get blisters on the same toe tape, paper towels or blister pads may help to close the blister so it doesn't open everytime. If a toe doesn't stay straight(it curls) taping it or wrapping it in cardboard may keep it straight (i'm not sure about the cardboard as I have never done this before) Lambs' wool is good to add some softness on your toes, as does ouch pouches. You can also get ouchpads that are designed to fit just one toe. These are good if your toenail has the habit of falling off.

I think I got the most used techniques..I'm not sure though


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In some ways, i think that it's supposed to be best to use as little as possible on your feet. It'll make them stronger, I was told, and you'll feel the floor better. But I know some people who are totally incapable of any pointework without pain, although they have beautiful feet. Trial and error works best, I think. (I don't actually know all of this for a fact - I was told this! So some of it might be wrong.)



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