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Guest alliecat93

Hello everyone. if any of you read my previous post, this is a continuation of that. I finally founf a summer intensive that would be good for me! ya! But the bad thing is, it is a little more than $3000. My mom and dad think that is a lot of money (which it is) but I really want to go. Cn you help me think of how to help earn money to pay for some of it and convince them that it's a good thing? YOu can delete this if it's out of place, but I'm really desperate for help!

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This is the way that I'm going to be able to pay for my SI tuition...

1) I asked my parents to split half of what it costs, they said sure.

2) To pay for my half I'm going to work at a place called Davanni's (a pizza place)

3. And if you're not old enough to work or nobody will hire, there is alwayz the funnest thing of all time!...BABYSITTING! (jk) biggrin.gif

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