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Guest Tia5678

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Guest Tia5678

Okay, I've been on pointe shoes for almost a year, and to help my dancing, all my teachers keep telling me that I need to gain stomach muscles. Some girls in my class do hundreds of sit-ups before bed. Does anyone have a routine they used that could help me reach my goal of doing at least 200 sit-ups/crunches a night? If so, please help!

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Hi, Tia, and welcome to the Young Dancers' Forums at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online! :)


In order to get to a goal of 200 crunches, which is all that is necessary, in my opinion, start with a lower goal, and approach them in lots spread out over the course of a day. Let's start with 100, and do four sessions of twenty-five per time, and then you have your hundred. Do these for a week, and then the next week, increase the number of crunches in each session by five. Bing! You have 120! And so on.


Just make sure that you do the crunches with your stomach muscles and that you aren't just jerking the head and shoulders forward to get the curl.

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Guest Jazz4Kitn

What I do is I move my legs every 16/8 counts and then it doesn't seem as long. My routine is..

- (16) Normal crunches

- (8) Lift Right leg so it is bent at the knee

- (8) Strighten right leg

- (8) Cross right leg bent over left knee

- (8) Tilt so that right leg is on the ground

- (16) Knees are on the ground parrell so you are doing a side curl

- Repeat backwards and then do on the other side with the left leg.


Total Crunches: 208 :lol: And, it goes by really fast! B)

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Guest dancinbabie514

Hi, Chelsea! I'm in your class...it's Caitlin! You know before jazz how we do the crunches combination...? You always get through that and that's at least 200 ...so I used to go home and do that combination maybe every other day....Or every day...and do it at home....It helped me....Now I can go throught that combination 3 or 4 times :wub:

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Guest RachelD

Hi Chelsea!! We do about 200 situps in jazz class so you can break that up so start with 100 and every week add more or you can make up your own combination.

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Guest ballet_barbie72

:rolleyes: At my winter intensive (it's different because I'm in Australia) we had to do 100 push ups in the morning and 200 in the afternoon. It was really REALLY hard at first, but as the week progressed I found it easier. Now I try to do that same routine every chance I get. 100 push ups before school, and 200 in the afternoon. (not usually before bed, as I can't get to sleep if I have just excersised)

I've found that it has made a real difference to my dancing, and good luck with you sit-ups!

Love Erin xoxox :devil:

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Guest Terin

My crunches routine is very simple. I do crunches in 4 sets of 50, and in my breaks I do other stomach exercises...easier ones like leg lifts, usually. When I first started out, I just did them in sets of 20 and did only 100. Then I worked up to 200. I think it's mainly just a matter of determination. :)

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Guest KaitlynS

Hey Chels, it's Kaitlyn from class. I agree with Mr.Johnson. Make a sit up routine and take it piece by piece until you can do the whole thing without a rest! Or do that routine we made up together, it helped me!

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