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HELP! I hate my new routine!

Guest ballet_barbie72

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Guest ballet_barbie72

Well I'm starting a new routine with a new teacher that I have never had before, and I had my first class a while ago. I hated the music and the steps and I could just imagine everyone laughing at me as I performed it. When it was over, I walked out of the studio and burst into tears. I had wasted all this money on a routine that I can't stand. Anyway, so my friend asked me what was wrong and I told her and she went to see the teacher about it, (because I was too embarrassed and shy) and the teacher said that we can start something new tomorrow.


Am I the bad guy in this? Or has it happened to other people too? Do you think the teacher will treat me differently because of this?


luv Erin xoxoxo :rolleyes:

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Erin, can you clarify for me what you mean by "routine"? This does not sound like anything I am familiar with in terms of classical ballet training. Is it a Variation? What is the purpose of this "routine"? Is it a solo and is it for audition purposes or performances? Competitions?

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Guest Jazz4Kitn

I don't think you are 'the bad guy' in this at all. It is better speak up when you still can then to get stuck with something you hate. I have had concert pieces that I think are the worst things in the universe and have been stuck with them, stuck hating something I normally love. I don't think the teacher will treat you differently, they are there to be teachers and to keep the student enjoying learning and growing in the art and to push them to do wonderful things not to drive them away. If you think about it, it is no doubt a good thing you spoke up. If I were a teacher I would like to hear if the piece was disliked. :lol:

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Guest ballet_barbie72

:blushing: Sorry Ms. Leigh, by routine i mean a solo dance to perform in Eisteddfods, (competitions).


Everything turned out fine :thumbsup: with this whole issue though. (Thank goodness) My teacher let me pick the music, :P and then she gave me a TOTALY different dance, and I LOVE it!! :D The teacher (Ms. Kelly) didn't treat me any differently after that though, I guess that's what teachers are trained to do though really. :thumbsup:



Luv Erin xoxoxo :D

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For those non-Australian or non-Welsh, "Eisteddfod" means "choral festival", but is heavily salted with poetry recitations, solo and group instrumental performances, individual singers, and dance. It goes back to the bardic tradition in Celtic Britain, specifically, to Wales.

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Guest ballet_barbie72

I'm so sorry to everyone who didn't understand the term "Eisteddfod". I thought it was something used in all countries, but obviously not. It's great to know the meaning of the word though and where it originated from too! So thankyou

love Erin xoxo :devil:

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No problem, Erin. :devil: Eisteddfod is known in the US, although it's confined to pockets of Welsh-based populations, as in mining or quarrying areas.

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