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Champagne sofa

Guest beckster

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Guest beckster

As a sort of antidote to the wine/whine couch, I would like to introduce the champagne sofa, for those of us who have had a GOOD class! Actually I'm skint, so it's Safeways Cava rather than Champers, but still. We can separate it from the wine couch with a few pot plants and things so people over there don't think we're too smug :rolleyes:


My self-administered pat on the back is for double pirouettes. After going "back to basics" for the past few months, my teacher suggested I tried doubles last night - and it worked every time! I've still got a lot to improve on, but I've got much more control and understanding of the movement, and it didn't feel like a fluke either. I'm delighted! What a shame it was the last class of term ...

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...a few pot plants...

Oh the temptation, the temptation...no, no, naughty Mel, shut up! :rolleyes:

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OK, my contribution to the champagne sofa: I did _one_ decent, clean

double last Weds. and one sloooooow (slow was not the plan but the

teacher thought it looked cool) but balanced single on pointe



Major Mel could misunderstand or...come to the neighborhood of my

studio, where a distinctive odor was wafting from the neighboring

apartments the other night.


But aren't drinking and smoking really really BAD for us?

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Uh, Mary J, if I didn't see that you registered a while ago, I

might have thought you registered your name just for this thread.


On the question of usage you are absolutely right, at least in

the US, the expression is "potted plants".


Or perhaps the couches should simply be separated by screens to

make it simpler!

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I'll provide one champange sofa thing. This would actually fit on the wine couch as well, but I think I'll try and be positive and put it here.


Some of you might remember that during the summer I take one intermediate 1 class in addition to my regular beginner 2 ones, and that I'm desperate about the level, as most people there have been dancing at that level for a year and I've just only moved up, and the "official time" to move up would be in August. I think I would actually give up taking that until August and the easier start, except for one thing. That thing is that I'm going to the Sammatti dance camp in a few weeks, and taking the second level (equivalent to intermediate 1) there, and I promised the camp teacher in June that I would take the Tuesday classes in order to prepare.


So, and now we come to the wine/champagne matter: I did go today despite not at all feeling like it, and even though I was desperate at times, comparing myself to the people who really knew their stuff, I did finish the class, and I did not stop doing my very best at any point, no matter how bad I felt I was.


Not much to be proud of, maybe, but still, I am. :lol:

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Guest mic31

This all sounds like a good idea. Jaana I understand your plight. I've been dancing and learning at a furious pace. I'm in over my head most of the time. I've found it helpful to really try and isolate my problem areas. Alot of the times a private lesson will help to undo most of the confusion. Privates work well for me because I can take the new vocabulary and take it in at my pace not someone else's.

As far as the champagne sofa goes...I guess that I would like to say that my pirouettes are getting alot better, en dehors, en dedans and the ones from fifth position.

This thread is a great idea

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Guest Anders

Jaana, you have alot to be proud of, and I think you know it! I think it is classes like the one you described where you manage to stay focused and work hard no matter what that pave the way for the small successes in subsequent classes that we all thrive on.


Champagne for me, too! After two month's pas du tout (my father's mock term for what I'm doing...) I took my first class at a Beginners 2/3 level (much thanks to Mel's admonition in another thread - thanks Mel!). The teacher took me aside after class and recommended that with my technique I should be taking the Beginners/Intermediate class. One small step for man.


After that it was straight back to the office...

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Just like the old parable of the dinner table. Don't take a seat too far to the head of the table, sit far down so that the host can say, "Oh, come up here, and sit nearer to me!" The first may be last, and the last may be first!

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Guest fastfeets

Oh I think I can add a teeny one....we were a small class yesterday, and in the midst of messing up a lot of doubles, then messing up singles (evidently it was turning class....ugh), I managed a not terribly messy triple (on my good side....). Didn't see it coming, which made me mess up, of course, but hey....it was kind of a thrill....

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Guest beckster

Well done fastfeets! I can't even imagine doing a triple!


This American/British translation thing is starting to worry me. I've just applied for a job in the US and I am imagining what might happen ...


New Boss: Here's your new office, Beckster.

Beckster: It could do with brightening up a bit - do you know where I could buy some pot plants?

New Boss: You're fired.

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Oh Beckster - you're trying to leave us??!! I bet you only want to go for their ballet classes really :) . Let us know how you get on.

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Guest Hilarie

Yay! I've made it to the champagne sofa! Garçon, pour me a glass, s'il vous plait. (Incidentally, where is the champagne sofa located? I'm still underage in the US, and "sparkling white grape juice sofa" just doesn't have the same ring to it :thumbsup: )


So, ::takes a sip:: I did all of the combinations in center today without screwing up even once. :o Usually it takes me a few times through to catch on, but I was ON today. And I was totally focused on dancing, instead of my mind wandering all over the place as it usually does. I haven't had focus like that in a long time doing anything. It was really cool.


While I'm here, I'd like to propose a toast - to all the members of the adult ballet students board. It's so inspiring for me, just starting out, to read about all of you having careers or going to school and dancing just because you love to. It makes me believe that I can reach my goals when I hear about what all of you have accomplished... and your love of ballet is just so infectious. :wink: So, cheers. I'm glad I found this place. :innocent:

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My champagne moment was simply being able to take a class today. I've been off for 4 weeks with what I thought was an ankle sprain. Early this week my physical therapist realized it was really my back. My lower back was so tight it was putting pressure on a nerve causing foot pain. No wonder my foot wasn't getting any better :lol:


So, after only 2 treatments I was able to handle all but petit allegro B)


The simple pleasure of a pain free class. I'm thrilled :wub:

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