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Guest tianehu

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Guest tianehu

Is that how you spell it? tongue.gif Anyway, I need help with my grande jetes. I notice that when I do a grande jete, my first leg comes up nice and high, and then it starts going down before my back leg comes up nice and high. Then when it touches the ground again, my back leg reaches it's peak, then comes down. So what I'm trying to say, is that, I can't seem to keep the split in the air. It's more like a one leg one leg grande battement thing. I hope you understand what I mean, I don't really know how to describe it!

And one more thing...I seem to be able to do those um flick grande jetes...I don't know what they're called. It's when your front leg flicks out instead of brushing from the floor...And since I can do that, I know I probably can do a normal grade jete, it's just that I'm probably doing something wrong, only I don't know what. My gym coach says that I'm not using enough strength to kick. But I'm not sure how right she is, as I'm using all my strength to bring both legs up.

And also, I can do splits on the ground quite easily, so it might not be a question of flexibility.

Thanks for the help! smile.gif

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tianehu, it sounds to me like you are taking the front leg too high in your grand jeté, which is probably keeping you from moving forward in space far enough to allow the back leg to get it's full lift before you come down. Try just a little less height on the front leg, but more up and over forward movement, and keep that movement going as you battement the back leg.


The grand jeté with a developpé action is generally termed a saut de chat these days. Not sure why, as that is not exactly the description of that term, but everyone has decided to use it for this step. It is a little bit easier to get the split in this jeté than in the one with the battement.

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What I forget is where my weight is in a jump. I know it sounds strange because you are moving against gravity. But for this jump and my weight

I realised that my upper body weight was too

upright,stunting the jump and leg height,(even though I could easily reach splits on the ground)

When I really reached forward in the jump, up and over the apex like an arc, my grand jete inproved.

Of course this might not apply to you, but maybe it could help anyone else reading to get some ideas.

Becky smile.gif

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