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Overdeveloped Thigh Muscles

Guest Dancergal92

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Guest Dancergal92

When I was younger, I used to grip my thighs while holding extentions. I have started to overcome this problem, but my thigh muscles are quite large! B) Anyone have any advice/help for me? Thanks :lol:

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Guest Firebird3000

As I'm not a moderator please delete if not the right thing to do:


I over developed my muscles and to correct it I did a few things

1. Switched to a better dance school where they taught the right way to use your muscles. Talking to your teacher about your probelms may also help

2. Massaged my muscles with a foam roller

3. stretching

4. and PATIENCE. It takes a long time to fix, its not an overnight thing


Hope this helps


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Guest dancelover721

I used to be a gymnast and it took my a year and a half to even out my thigh muscles, and they still bother me from time to time. What really helped me a lot was while standing in parallel, lift up one of your two legs towards your behind and it'll stretch your outer thighs. Repeat on other leg.

You should also ask your teacher about other good thigh stretches. Hope tihs helps! :thumbsup:

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I had the same problem but began doing pilates. I learned how to use my inner thighs and rotator muscles instead of gripping my quads all the time. I was actually very surpried at how quickly they changed shape. A lot of people who didn't even know I was trying to fix this noticed the difference. When I learned how to work correctly I realized just how much gripping I had been doing...even in simple things. You'll be amazed!!

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I agree with what the others are saying. I am just now really understanding how to not grip my muscles. I've been told sometimes I work "too hard", meaning I am trying so hard to work correctly that I grip or tighten my muscles. One of my teachers told me that it is actually possible to completely change your muscle structure by simply working correctly. It will take lots of time, but in the end, will relieve your body of unnecessary stress from gripping your muscles. Try and think of "relaxing" into it a little bit more. :wub: I hope this helps.

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