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Do some of your fellow dancers inspire you?

Guest Giselle83

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Guest Giselle83

There is this woman in my adult classes, she's so gorgeous. I dont know her backround but I bet she has once gotten very good professional training. She simply moves so gracefully and does the perfect triple pirouettes not to mention her perfectly clean double attitude pirouettes!!! and she's overweight. When I'm in my fourties I wanna look like her!!!! she really inspires me and gives me hope. She really amazes me! I'd like to tell her that I admire her but I'm too too shy.



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I have dancers in my class that do inspire me. Mostly it's those adult dancers I know have worked hard for what they are now, and whom I can look up to technically. I really admire the ability to work hard despite being "just" an adult beginner, and am constantly reminded of good practice morale by several classmates ("if I work like them, I might dance like them"). Some of these are ladies at least 20 years older than I am, and yes, I too keep thinking things like "when I'm 50 I want to be like her!"


Also, not actually a fellow dancer of mine, but an inspiration nevertheless: in a pre-pro teen class I had the joy to observe sometimes before my own class started there was this one girl with less than optimal ballet body compared to most of her classmates, but she made up to it by dancing ever so beautifully and expresfully! I loved watching her and it really set me to a good mood for the class; I hope all her dancing dreams come true.

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In the summer, teachers and company members are usually in class. I make it a point to try and stand next to one at the barre and to always be in a position to see them in the center. Just try to copy what they do. My favorite classes by far.

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Yes--some of the older ones who have less flexibility or strength

but beautiful line and/or phrasing.

Among the youngsters there are two with less than ideal body

types/feet, but one has amazing presence and beautiful use of the

upper body and the other has great posture and technique.


In some cases I make an effort to be in the same group (for phrasing

mainly) and in others I make an effort to be in a different group

so I can just watch.

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Do some of my fellow dancers inspire me? Shucks, some of my STUDENTS inspire me! :innocent: But then, they're my fellow dancers, too. Just younger.

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Guest joodiff

Do they ever! I have classmates who dance beautifully and are also physically beautiful but the ones who inspire me the most are those that do not come in the "cookie-cutter" ideal dancer shape but whose innate sense of rhythm and movement makes them look so beautiful! I'm so amazed at the "physical" transformation the moment they touch the barre and start doing even the most basic plies. :P

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I'm also often inspired by my classmates.


Of course, emotionally I usually feel closest to other adult beginners. I'm an adult beginner myself, and so amazingly strong and flexible, technically fabulous, graceful and expressive former adult beginner dancers are a great source of work morale - they prove it can be done, which is good. :)


I'm also inspired by dancers with great lines, movement quality or musicality, because they remind me of what I'm striving for, and dancers who have manged to make an imperfect ballet body look beautiful, because that is what I have to do. :P


Finally in my list are dancers with amazing work attitude.



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