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develope to the front

Guest dancer514

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Guest dancer514

I have really been working on my rotation the past year and I have allready seen quite an improvement. However to the front it's over 90 degrees which is extremely low compared to the side and back. Is there any sort of stretches I could do everyday after class that I could do to improve my develope devant? Thank you!

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The front is never quite as high as the side or back, especially in adagio work. It's more important that the line is right and that the leg is well rotated and the foot well shaped. A really beautiful, well placed and rotated 90º position in attitude or developpé devant is lovely, and much better than a higher leg that loses it's rotation.

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Guest dancinbabie514

when doing a develope to the front, you should feel a stretch underneath the upper part of the leg right? Because I used to grip my upper leg , and I have been working on finding the muscle underneath the leg. I believe I have found it....but I was wondering maybe I was just not used to using that muscle, could that be the reason why it has a strong stretch? :wink:

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When you start to do the developpé devant or a la seconde correctly, you will indeed feel that kind of a stretch, and it will be fairly pronounced, as you aren't used to that yet, but keep it up! I think you're on the right track! :wink:

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