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Guest Terin

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Guest Terin

I'm 14, but this is only my fourth year of dance. Because of my age, I've been pushed ahead a little more than is normal at my school. During the summer there's a set of classes which goes all week. Because of other obligations, I'm only taking the Friday class; after everyone has already learned the exercises. :wink:

Throughout the class I have to concentrate on getting the steps right and improving my technique- and my arms are what really suffer. When I'm concentrating on my feet, I tend to just forget about the arms and they start to droop. Is there anyway I can keep my arms up to standard while still focusing on my feet? :innocent:

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Hello Terin, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum on Ballet Alert! Online :)


I don't really see how anything can be accomplished in once a week classes, and especially in a situation where the rest of the class is there every day. Sorry :P Summer Intensive courses are meant to be intensive and therein lies the most benefit. Once a week just won't do it. Try to rearrange your schedule!

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Guest Terin

Thanks for the advice, Ms. Leigh. I wish I could rearrange my schedule... I agreed to volounteer at my school before the schedule for summer dance classes came out. When it finally did, I was disappointed, to say the least. But I decided that just one was better than nothing. Thanks again for all your help. :wink:

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