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Ribbons vs Elastic on flats

Guest Aurora

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Guest Aurora

I have always used elastic on my ballet flats. At my summer intensive, we were required to sew ribbons on our shoes instead. I would like to know the advantages and disadvantages of both, so that I can decide which to put on my next pair of ballet shoes. Thanks!



Also, do you prefer leather or canvas shoes, and why?




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Jessica, that is usually a matter of the school's or the teacher's policy. Most schools do not use ribbons, however the Vaganova programs do. Personally, I fail to see the advantages, outside of possibly becoming so adept at tying them properly that you will never have problems with the pointe shoe ribbons! :P:)

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Guest Tia5678

Well, as far as the ribbons vs. elastics are considered, I don't really see the point in ribbons, but that's completely up to the dance studio. And as far as canvas vs. leather, I alwasy prefered canvas. Leather is not only more expensive, but more uncomfortable. Canvas makes you feel more comfortable and make your feet feel much more lighter. However, canvas shoes, for me at least, don't last as long. So, it depends on which ones YOU like the best.


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Guest Terin

I agree with Tia; I've always preferred canvas shoes to leather ones. When I first started I had leather ones because they were second-hand, but I've always used canvas since. I feel the give me more flexibility and are more comfortable on my feet.

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Guest ballet_barbie72

Personally, I prefer leather shoes. :) I find that they fit my foot better than canvas ones. :D They may be more expensive, but they do last longer. Almost all of the girls at my school wear leather, and none of us wear ribbons, unless it's exam time or performances.

Luv eRIN :D

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Guest ballet princess

It depends whats more comfortable for you. The main difference between canvas and leather is that leather is more durable but canvas is more comfortable. For the ribbons, like Ms. Leigh said, the only advantage is to get the feeling of pointe shoe ribbons! :rolleyes:

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Guest Jaime

:rolleyes: The only advantage I can think of having ribbons on your ballet shoes is to support you ankles...but I do not wear them. I personally do not think that they are nessasary! But I know that CPYB (Central PA. Youth Ballet) dancers all wear there shoes like that. Its like a trade mark. Most of the time in Aud. when I see girls with ribbons on there shoes I assume they are from there :party: (Point: That its not that common...hahaha)

But hey, whatever floats your boat!!! :blushing:

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