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Hurting ankles from sautes


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I have recently finally got the grip on the mystery of foot-articulation in jumps, which is great. I finally don't look like a ran-away elephant from the zoo...


But after my SI where I had three classes a day five days a week for two weeks (but only one class a day of ballet though) I have got an awful pain in my on the outside of my ankles. And I believe it's from pointing my feet too often and especially all those jumps. After a week of resting I have started taking ballet two times a week again. But it still hurts, even though it has become much better. Could it be normal muscle soreness?? I've never had muscle soreness in my feet before, so I wouldn't know how it feels. But I really suspect that my ankle is irritated by too much pointing and jumping. How can I know if I'm overpointing my feet? That is pointing them too much so that the bones in my feet scratch together. Because I have very bad ankle flexibility due to bone structure but still want to work hard and to do my best. My fear is that "my best" might be harmful for me.


Since everyone is on vacation in July in this country I haven't bothered to try making an appointment at a physiotherapist.


So my question would be if there is any way that I can work on the rest of my body without doing all the things that puts so much strain on my ankles? I've noticed that even four days without class affects my placement and turnout alot, but it just seems to me that everything in ballet involves poining your feet! How can I possibly do a tendu/ronde de jambe/frappé/battment/fondu or even the diagonal without pointing my feet, doing relevés and jumping? But I don't want to loose my placement!

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Susanne, what kind of floor were you working on in the SI, and also what other classes besides ballet were you doing? It might be something other than pointing your feet that caused this problem. The only way to work on things without pointing would be to mostly just do things lying on the floor, and keep the feet flexed. Not exactly the same, but you can work abs, hip flexors, hamstrings, rotation and extension that way. First lets examine what might have caused the problem though! Tell me about the SI, the floors and the other classes.

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Thank you for your reply Ms Leigh!


I did one class of jazz in dancesneakers, one class of modern/contemporary dance and of course one class of ballet. The classes vere only 75 min in duration each. Every class was in studio with very sprung floor. (When somebody jumps you can see the floor moving with your eyes) Those classes all contained some kind of point and flex movements for the feet and tendues as a warm-up. My dancesneakers are also high-cut with the ankles wrapped, so it always felt better, once I could put them on.


I also made sure to stretch my achilles and my calves after and during each class because it used to make the tension in my ankles go away. However, this time it didn't seem to help that much.


The last days of my SI it felt as if there were several extra bones all over the place in my ankles, because I couldn't point my best and just trying to do a small relevé made me feel that I would crack those tiny imaginary bones. The pain is mostly on the outside of the ankle (i. e the right side of the right foot and left side of the left foot) and I haven't sprained my ankles because I'm very careful with not sickling, especially in jumps.


Come to think about it, it the pain comes more when I try not to sickle. I don't have the flexibility to "wing" my feet. Even if it feels as winging to me, but what I get is only a straight, non-sickled foot. But nonetheless my right ankle seemed a little bit swollen the last two days of my SI and I tried tiger balm that didn't seem to work. Then I tried an anti-inflammatory cream that contains what they call "ketoprofen" in Swedish which seemed to work better. (not very good since I still have the pain, and you are not supposed to use that cream more than one week without a doctors ordination)

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Susanne, it doesn't sound like anything more than overuse injury to me. Everything about the classes and floors seems quite in order, so the only thing I can think of would be just pushing them too hard, and more work each day than they are used to. I would try icing them several times a day for a couple of days, and see how that works. If it doesn't improve, then see a doctor! :D

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I guess what I should do is just rest. (The swollen has gone down during my one-week break) I'm going to have two more classes that I have already signed up for. So after that I guess the only cure is to rest my poor footsies for 4 weeks.

It is just so frustrating since I don't want to loose my placement, turnout and strength. I guess I will just do floorwork at home with flexed/relaxed feet and stretching as well.


I have the book Joffrey's Ballet Fit where there are some floor excercises at the end, and I also have the book "Emily Kelly's Commonsense Pilates" so I guess I will be OK if I just work hard at home.


Do you have any suggestions to additional floor-excersices that I might be able to do in order to work on my placement and turnout?

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