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Books: George Balanchine by Arlene Croce

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Croce's book on George Balanchine has a release date of April 1, 2004.


ISBN: 0374299889 - Farrar, Straus and Giroux


(I can't wait!)

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Wow, this is exciting news. After waiting all these years, though, I'd feel a little better if the publication date were not April 1. :wub:

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There are supposed to be several books on Balanchine released to coincide with his centennial. And I'm going to gobble them all up :wub:

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Reminds me of the time some wag wrote a press release announcing an autobiography by J.D. Salinger with an introduction by Thomas Pynchon. Release date: April 1! :wub:

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Mmmm, I can't see Arlene Croce doing an April Fools' joke. And she has been working on this book for a long time. But you never know....

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I think it's probably for real, Dale. Balanchine was never a recluse like Salinger, and to have an intro to his autobiography by the nearly-as-reclusive Pynchon was the tip with the April Fools' joke.

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That's funny, Mel. The only thing missing would be an announcement that Salinger and Pynchon would be appearing jointly on Oprah to publicize the book. :devil:


Farrar Straus and not Knopf?

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Yes, it's Farrar Strauss (books often change publishers when editors leave, etc.) It could be that the publisher intends for the book to be on the spring 2004 list, rather than a set in stone release date and may be subject to change.

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