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ballet slippers wearing out too fast. . .?


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Lately I've noticed that my ballet slippers -- even the leather ones -- are sporting holes at the underside tip of the big toe within 1-2months. They used to last at least 4 months or so. At first I thought there might have been a change in the canvas, but when it happened to the leather ones too I figured it was me. Should I be concerned that I'm working incorrectly (I know it's difficult to diagnose from just this description, but I have been concentrating on pushing through the floor), or is that in fact the normal lifespan for slippers?



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If you are really working your feet well and correctly, then the shoes will wear out faster :blushing: I don't think there is any "normal lifespan" of a ballet slipper, since it would also depend a whole lot on how many classes a week one takes, and type of surface you dance on, as well as really using the floor to work the feet.

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I will then, take this as confirmation that I'm becoming more adept at working my feet and chalk the replacement costs up to progress. :blushing:

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One of my teachers has explicitly stated that if our shoes are lasting forever,

we are not working our feet well.


So far my shoes have been pretty durable. :-(

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My shoes get good wear, but then for some reason all my clothing seems to last.


I’ve got some tricks to extend shoe life. Once the dreaded holes come, I don’t toss the shoes, but keep them for when I practice at home or when I warm up. I don’t toss them until the holes grow to such proportion that it is almost impossible to do a tendu or when turning becomes semi-painful. I’ve also copied a trend that I picked up from a pro friend of mine, namely wearing socks rather than shoes during the barre. I’ve long done this in modern classes, so it seems natural to do the same in ballet classes. I don’t know if it does anything other than put holes in socks rather than shoes, however.


When I was a runner, I learned that not wearing the same shoes every day, having several pairs to alternate, which did increase shoe life. I would assume that the same would apply with ballet shoes too.

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Guest grace

some good replies above. but also:


- is your big toe considerably longer than the others?

- are you buying your shoes a touch too small?

- feet vary in size at different times of day...

- leather should last longer than canvas, obviously.


apart from that: working the feet is really good! :wub:

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Thanks for all the advice. My toenails are fine (and it's the underside that's going anyway), but no, I do not wear tights under my slippers. For some reason I strongly prefer the feeling of bare feet in slippers.


I have started alternating pairs -- also because one floor is marley and the other is wood/rosin and 'never the twain shall meet' as far as I'm concerned.

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