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Hi to all!

As the exam is 1.5 mths away, I am deeply frustrated and depressed with my dance study. I don't seem to be able to bring out the performance quality within myself.... When it is my turn to dance i always felt incompetent and tension is shown in my face and the rest of my body.


Does anyone have any good ideas as to how to "PERFORM"?

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Coralseaa, I think that one of the biggest keys to being able to perform is being technically ready and so well rehearsed that you are comfortable with the material you are presenting. This allows you to feel confident, and when you are confident it will show in your work and you will be able to concentrate more on the performance aspect. Or it will possibly just happen! So, rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal!!! :D

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I agree. Ann Reinking also talked about this at length in the Fosse tribute, which was part of the "Dance in America" series. I remember really paying attention to what she was saying there because I identified so much with it. It was very comforting to see that someone so incredibly gifted could suffer from nerves, but Fosse rehearsed them to the point of making the choreography second nature. Also -- Fosse never allowed his dancers to mark, thereby facilitating the performing process, even in class. The company I am in is the same way -- no marking, either physically or artistically. We are known for being a pretty gregarious bunch, and love to egg each other on in terms of performance quality.

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