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Guest arabesqueprincess

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Guest arabesqueprincess

how do i know if im getting a bunion? on my big toe it has like gotten kind of square and it feels like there are two bones. please help

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Hello arabesqueprincess, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Alert! Online :wink:


A bunion is not actually ON the big toe, but at the joint below it. When the big toe curves inward toward the second toe, there is likely to be a protrusion of the joint at the base of that toe. That is where it will hurt. Some people seem to have a bunion even if the toe does not curve in, and that can be caused by workink on pointe too far on the inside of the platform and not over the center. It could also be caused by shoes that are too narrow, any shoes, not just pointe shoes. What you describe sounds like possibly a callus on top of the toe? Not sure, from your description exactly what you are talking about though.

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If it doesn't hurt, then I would not worry too much, however you might want to use a spacer in your street shoes to help keep the big toe aligned and prevent the bunion from developing further. They are are usually genetic. Does one of your parents have one?

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Guest Aleasha Barkova

What is a bunion spacer and how does it work? My big toes do curve in towards the center of my foor and they do get a bit sore after class, so I'd like to try the spacer things out.

Thank you!

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Spacers are elliptical pieces of soft plastic which fit between your toes. Dr. Scholl's makes a standard over-the-counter type. Usually they are only for the big toe, but smaller sizes can be found for bunionettes (tailors' bunions). There are ovals of plastic top and bottom to help keep it in place.

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