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mean teachers

Guest arabesqueprincess

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Guest arabesqueprincess

sometimes my ballet teachers make me feel really bad about myself by always criticizing me and looking the other way when i do things right. it got so bad that i wanted to quit this year even though i really really love ballet my mom convinced me that i shouldn't quit if it was something i wanted to do but i was wondering if you had any advice on how to handle my teachers. :wink:

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Can you give us an example? I mean, dancers learn to live with criticism, but stuff that's way out of your control is out of line for criticism. "Why are you so ugly?" for example, is unethical, unprofessional and just plain naughty. "You're dropping your turnout -- again!" is a little bit acid, but still within limits. So tell us, how mean are they?


They're so mean that....

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Aw, foo, that's kid stuff. And besides, it leaves them open to the retort, "If I had a better teacher, I bet I would!" Which, of course, a dancer will never, NEVER say in class. Sounds like the Junior High Football school of motivation. Dare you to get better, and you will. Of course, the opposite happens just as often, as the student lives down to the expectation of the teacher. I really think you need a new school, where corrections are given in a professional manner.

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