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Good eating on the go


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A quick meal that is easy to prepare ahead of time: Take the pillsbury rolls (big ones) split in half and press a hole into the center. Fill with cooked hamburger or turkey and a bit of cheese. Place the top on and seal the edges. Bake like you would normally. I freeze them and take them out when we are on our way out. Just microwave them until heated through! Great quick snacks. You can experiment with fillers. Add a bit of tomato sauce to the meat and it is almost like a sloppy joe.

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In addition to meals in the car on the way home after class. I pack my dd some fruit like an apple or pear and a small container of nuts such as peanuts, walnuts or almonds to eat as a quick snack between classes. Being she doesn't eat meat, the nuts is added protein.


Her dinners usully include beans, vegetables and pasta..or hard boiled eggs, cheese and crackers. Everything is packed in an insulated bag with a ice brick.

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Guest Watermill

My yam obssession really seems to have cleared the room.


Well, it's not the first time.


Before you judge me too harshly, consider this: the difference between a sweet potatoe and a yam is that yams GROW TOES!


I therefore submit: there could be no better food for those laboring up on their toes than this humble well meaning vegetable resembling that very same part of the body of which we so fervently speak.


If there are still any among you who cling to your shallow opinion of my beloved yams, I urge you to clickHERE


I see many of you are now openly sobbing at the sheer beauty and grace of it all.


Now you know what I have known all along: Ballets may come and go...but there will always be yams.


"Ballet is woman. But a yam is something as well." ...George Balanchine


A Very Misty Watermill

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Watermill, :)


My daughter's favorite snack on the go is Ramen noodles in a thermos. After a little while, the liguid all soaks in so there are only noodles left. Filling, and not too messy.

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My younger daughter also is very fond of ramen. I'm not, because it has lots of fat and does not seem to stick with her very long. It sure is quick and easy, though! I enhance the nutrition by throwing in a few frozen peas or soybeans and a beaten egg. Another alternative -- although not one my daughter likes -- is to add some peanut butter and soy sauce and vinegar. Presto! Instant ersatz dan-dan noodles.


You can also chop up a yam and add that.

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Watermill- I love yams! So you are not alone! Baked with a tiny bit of butter! Yummy :)


My DD usually eats dinner before we head out for the commute to dance. I cook dinner early in the day (crockpots are getting a lot of use this year) which really helps out a lot. The rest of the family just heats it up when they are ready to eat!


We load up the car with a cooler and healthy snacks for the ride home. Most of the time DD will eat again when she gets home. If we didn't make that Starbucks stop! :)

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If yams are what we Aussies call sweet potato ( the orange one -kumara), I love baked yams too.

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Yams are sweet potatoes. It's actually not an appropriate name. Real yams are enormous fibrous tubers - delicious in their own right but usually not sold in supermarkets. I had them in Africa.

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My food-to-go for many, many years -- even after I stopped dancing -- was yoghurt mixed with granola and fresh fruit. I'd fill a large container (say, a quart) with the stuff and take a few bites every time I had a chance. This might not be appealing to people who only like crunchy cereal. But when the granola soaks up the yoghurt, it's sort of like a nice, thick pudding. I even used this as the filling of a pie (with a graham cracker crumb crust) for a potluck Thanksgiving dinner once, and it was very well received. My grandmother, who said she hated yoghurt, thought it was delicious.


I would advise this only if you can find a granola that isn't very sugary. I often added wheat germ, nuts and/or sunflower seeds.

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Watermill, I did weep with the sheer beauty of that! Sometime in the last 10 to 15 years there was an article in National Geographic about some island near New Guinea where the tribes existed primarily on yams - and they also had a very high percentage of twins! :o:sweating::sweating: We were very nervous when we were "expecting". :wink::wink:

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