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Good eating on the go


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Just a word to the wise, here. I know that this has been a thread for food "to go" for (both?) chauffeur and dancer, but we keep hewing perilously close to the precipice of weight/diet, so just a cautionary note. Nothing's wrong yet, just keep going the way it's been.

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Well, here's to winter's cold weather! That's a major plus for transporting food to and from anywhere without quite so much worry about Sal Monilla.


Banana's are excellent sources of potassium...and quite tasty, though perhaps not quite up to yam standards. I think the peanut butter and banana sandwich has been mentioned, hasn't it? Rice cakes, an occaisional Pria bar...


All these posts are reminding me that I need to go to the grocery store ASAP! :wink:

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That yoghurt/cereal/nut/dried fruit mixture is one of my personal favorites too. I take it with me to work every day for breakfast. Love the way the cereal gets soggy. We currently have a supply of ginger granola (with bits of candied ginger) from Trader Joe's that works particularly well for this. I like to add a banana just before eating.

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Did my advising against sugary granola come periously close to diet advice? I assure you, I was only referring to the flavor :wink:


Watermill, are you familiar with the Fred & Ginger dance number "Yam" from Carefree?

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Well, I'll probably trip over it sometime but I can't seem to find that precipice no-how, but hey, "I yam what I yam".

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Guest Watermill

Don't worry, vagansmom, some punctuation adjustment will keep you out of trouble with His Melliflousness:


I, yam! What? I: Yam?


No longer a statement of faith, but a searing psychlogical query.

Much like the vaunted tuber itself.


Yes, djb: I found that musical number positively hypnotic.

Much like the vaunted tuber itself.

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Oh, how I am not looking forward to the figuring out how to keep DD fed while dancing. We don't have to worry about the eating and driving problem since DD dances at school. But she will have a longer day than last year, again with no lunch period, and more dancing. She is allowed to eat during one of her classes, but it limits what she can have.


And to comtinue on the yam discussion from years before - try them with feta cheese.

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My younger daughter also is very fond of ramen.  I'm not, because it has lots of fat and does not seem to stick with her very long.  It sure is quick and easy, though!  I enhance the nutrition by throwing in a few frozen peas or soybeans and a beaten egg. 


You can also change the recipe by throwing away the spice packet and using canned beef or chicken broth while cooking the noodles. It cooks up thick. The salt content is high for both options, but much less with broth since you won't use the entire can. I also use these same noodles cooked in water when making quick spaghetti for one......when drained, add pasta sauce. Of course, as mentioned, you can add other stuff to make it more nutritious.

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My daughter made a peanut butter and chopped apple wrap in a flour tortilla the other day and said it was quite good and filling. I bought wheat tortillas to health it up for the next time. She's always looking for portable food ideas and found this suggestion somewhere on the internet.

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